Edmonton Oilers vs Los Angeles Kings (8 p.m. GMT, CBC)

Game 7, baby, that’s it.

If you had told me before this series started that it would take seven matches to find a winner, I’m not sure I would have believed you. If I’m being honest, I would have thought the Oilers would make their way with this series, but as the games went on, it quickly became clear that it wasn’t going to be that easy. Instead, Todd McClellan and the Kings put together a game plan that the Oilers struggled to manage at times, and while it was stressful to see them navigate this chess match at times, that’s what the playoffs are all about. These are the moments that can lift us to higher levels as a fan base and turn our boys on the ice into champions, provided they are able to make it happen. So what does it take? All they have. From the moment the disc drops until the last bell sounds, Otters must be relentless in all three areas, hitting whatever moves, shooting from the parking lot, and finding ways to bypass traffic while doing too Jonathan Quickmiserable life. Basically, what I’m saying is that they need to leave everything on the ice with the effort of the balls for 60 minutes.

As always, the first step to closing this chain will be to get started. In all the six matches played so far, the team that scored a goal went on to win the match and that’s something to keep in mind. Even if Edmonton can’t score as fast as they did Thursday night, at least they should start the night by throwing pucks at Quick to try and create some chaos. Throughout the long streak, Quick left rebounds and loose discs available near the crease, and while I like a well-lit reel target as much as the next guy, there’s nothing more exciting to me than a greasy, crowd-grabbing target. Clapper from the point, snipe from the hatch, or squeak over the line, I don’t really care – I’ll take every bump I can get. Not to mention, the crowd at Rogers Place would be ready to blow the roof off the grounds and whatever the Oilers can do to keep those 18,000-plus could end up paying dividends when all is said and done.

Let’s see what the numbers say.

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Figures provided by Natural Stat Trick (figures at 5 x 5)



Draisaitl – McDavid – Yamamoto
Kane – RNH – Heyman
Vogel – Ryan – Cassian

nurse – this
Keith – Bouchard
Ear – Barry


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TSN’s Ryan Reschauge reported this Leon Drystel Wasn’t on the ice for morning skiing and I have to admit it made my heart skip a beat. Richog explained that just because Lyon wasn’t on the ice this morning doesn’t mean he won’t play – in no way can I see that he’s missing this game – but it does give us an idea of ​​how the former messed up. A must have MVP while this series is on the move. Either way, the above line combinations don’t mean much at this point, so I won’t put much stock in what I’ve listed. As soon as news comes out before the tweaks drop, I’ll be sure to come back and make adjustments.


Athanasio – Kopetar – Quimpe
Moore – Danault – Yavalu
Ground current – Lisotte – Brown
Limio – Copper – Kaliev

Anderson – Roy
Nobel – Stitcher
Almata – Dorzi


The only thing we know for sure is that the Kings will be off the jump and this is a challenge the Oilers will need to navigate, which is why another strong start will be so important. Since we already know LA will be shooting from all over, we need to make sure those shots from outside don’t lead to secondary scoring opportunities out of distress. In other words, oil makers must take care of their home before attempting to fly in the area in search of a crime.

what are they saying …

From LA Kings Insider:

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“One win, one loss, no matter what happens, we’ll watch the video, clean things up and move on to the next stage.”

That was Trevor Moore’s opinion when asked about the differences in changing the course of last night’s game, which was roughly a one-goal loss, and a game like Game 2 or Game 3, which was a pair of defeats by six.

Anze Kopitar described it the same way after the match last night, it’s the same thing and now the Kings have to prepare for one match.

While the sentiment might be different from saying a 4-2 loss with an empty goal, versus an 8-2 loss that was largely decided earlier in the match, it’s just a loss at this point. Mickey Anderson touched on that side of things, looking forward to just looking to do whatever it takes to win next time.

“Sometimes the feeling is different, but basically it’s just matches at this point, you lose by 10, it doesn’t matter, you guys go down one game in the series or vice versa,” Anderson said this morning. “At this time of year, she’s just trying to do everything she can to help the team win, and take it game by game.”

His defensive partner, Matt Roy, touched on keeping the right things out of supplement defeats, regardless of the outcome, and determining what needs to be fixed.

There is the importance of doing both of these things, making the necessary changes and also trying to emphasize things that have gone well.

“It’s never a good idea to give up six or eight goals, but at the end of the day, a loss is a loss,” said defender Matt Roy. “Even in those games, we take things that we thought we did well, we try to keep them going [in Game 6]There were a few things we needed to change, too. I think either way, if you lose, you just have to fix things and move on.”

Go ahead Kings will, with a shot in progress…


Photoshop: Tom Kostyuk

Game day prediction: The Oilers get another hot start, grab the lead, and early efforts lead them to a 4-2 win.

Mysterious Game Day Prediction: Oilers fans around the world will be wearing the same clothes and sitting in the same spot as they did in Match Six. We must all do our part. Oh, and Conor MacDavid He gets another multi-point night.

Unclear Game Day Prediction: Oilers get more power-playing chances than Kings.

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