Former Browns WR Gets Trial With Colts

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Training camps for NFL teams may be only two months away, but the free agents haven’t finished signing new teams.

On Friday, Jarvis Landry secured a one-year deal to join the New Orleans Saints after spending four producing years with the Cleveland Browns.

He made The Pro Bowl twice while at The Land, and many credit him with helping change the team’s culture after years and years of incompetence and incompetence.

Landry was a big reason the Browns won their first playoff game in nearly a quarter century when they defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2020 NFL Playoffs.

Now, other former Browns players are getting some attention from the South Asian side, the Indianapolis Colts.

Calloway had the potential, but he didn’t put it together

The 5-foot-11, 200-pound receiver is a Miami-area native who started making his name as a freshman at the University of Florida.

He immediately got plenty of playing time on a wide receiver, and he also worked as a kick and kick return.

As a returnee, he was named All-American this 2015 junior season, scoring 79 yards on the kick return and 435 yards and two touchdowns on the kick return.

The Gators weren’t expected to do much when the season began, but they won each of their first six games with the help of Calloway.

Arguably the highlight of his career was that early game of the season versus the Tennessee Volunteers, where he earned a pass for a 63-yard touchdown after facing a fourth and long defeat.

But once the season ended, everything was turned upside down for Calloway.

He and teammate Treon Harris were charged with assault by a woman, and although the charges did not meet Calloway, he was suspended for several months and may have played a role in his relegation to the fourth round of the 2018 NFL Draft to the Browns.

He showed flashes of promise as a rookie, playing in all 16 competitions and starting 11 of them while putting in 586 yards and five touchdowns.

Calloway started the season fighting for a fourth place wide, but once Josh Gordon traded to the New England Patriots, Calloway became a starter.

Since then, he has faced a multi-game suspension for violating the NFL’s drug policy, and has not been fit for an official game since December 2020.

Will Calloway turn things around in the end?

There are plenty of examples of talented players who had personal issues and didn’t realize any of their potential in their first few seasons in the pro, only to find their way into a team with a strong culture and flourish as a star.

The Browns appear to be skipping over their turbulent history, replacing Baker Mayfield with Deshaun Watson and adding Amari Cooper as a four-time Pro Bowl receiver.

The Ponies may not be considered Super Bowl contenders, but they will have veteran QB player Matt Ryan this coming season.

We hope Calloway gets his work together and becomes his best self.

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