Godley Colin Price with 5th place at the State Golf Championship

May 13 – Kingsland – Godley’s Colin Price ended an “impactful” junior season this week with a fifth in Class 4A at the UIL State Golf Championship at Legends Golf Course.

Price fired a 75 on day one and got off the track tied for seventh. Price followed that game with 75 others on day two, demonstrating a level of consistency only two other golfers from Mondays and Tuesdays were to finish with a score of 150, which is good enough for fifth.

“Fifth in the state was definitely an improvement over last year, but I strongly believe I could have done better,” Price said. “My goal to go to the tournament is to always do my best but winning is always on my mind.”

Gaven Lane of Argyle dominated the competition with a score of 70-66-136, finishing six strokes ahead of second, and leading the Eagles to the team state championship with a total of 592 points, 47 strokes ahead of second place Pollard.

Godley coach Jason Hill said he’s noticed throughout the golf season how much Price’s golf game has improved overall. His fifth place in the state this year compared to 11th last year as a sophomore is tangible proof of that.

“I’m just impressed by his dedication,” Hill said. “Getting the course every day and working on his short game and working on how to run the course. All his hard efforts paid off. All he did was get better and better. Reaching the state last year was great and finished 11. This year, he had access to the top three.He just had some bad breaks in some holes.But he’s going to be on his way to winning it next year,there’s no doubt about that.The kid who won it was an older one and he’s going to OSU…Colin has already played a championship in This weekend at Tyler. His dedication really paid off.”

Earlier in the season, Hill specifically referred to Price’s mental side progression and how important the progress he’s made there. Price said that this year has been a key year in his football career with the progress he has made and the experience he has gained.

“This year has been huge for me,” Price said. “Not only has it taught me what I’m capable of but it has also dramatically increased my mental game and my experience. With this year’s gains, I believe next year will ultimately be even better with a greater understanding of golf and how to focus on mistakes and create a better routine for myself.” .

“I have learned a lot of things this season. In all my years of competitive golf I strongly believe that this has been the most impactful for me. The most important thing I have been addressing this year is controlling how you feel when you play and making sure you focus. It is well known that golf It is one of the most mind-blowing games and discovering how to apply new things like calming techniques and getting the right feed in the round has taken my golf game to the next level.”

The price improvement in the mental aspect of the game didn’t happen overnight – it’s something he worked on on purpose.

“The mental aspect of my game has improved a lot this season,” he said. “I decided to sit down and talk to some of my coaches at The First Tee and talk about how to control mood and focus. Through many discussions with the coaches and reading lots of golf psychology books, articles and podcasts, I got all the latest knowledge about golf and how to do my best. ”

While many student-athletes will be satisfied with a fifth in the state, Price is already back in action and focused on getting better with each outing.

“This summer is the most important one for me so far,” Price said. “I have participated and been invited to many national championships across the country for this summer and I think if I can improve a little bit more with hard and intense training I can get a chance to finish these tournaments well. I have a plan to work on my game, my mind and my body every day to double the efforts. To reach the next level and fully commit to my dreams and aspirations.”

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