Golubek Nippes Chilean in SCCT Thriller

Shane Golubeck (Joe Shivak Pictures)

Tulare, CA – Shane Golubeck won the 30-lap Auto Challenge Series event on the first night of the Peter Murphy Classic Friday at Thunderbowl Raceway.

Golobic drove the #17w Elk Grove Ford/NOS Energy Drink car sponsored by Matt Woods Racing.

Dominic Shelze challenged Golobic late in the race, but had to gain second place ahead of Justin Sanders. DJ Neto and Sean Baker rounded out the top five. Golobic and Scelzi both started in the front row of the 24-car court as Golobic quickly jumped to the front through Turn Two.

Colby Copeland got off to a great start with Chelsea entering Turn 1 bringing Sanders with him. Scelzi slipped back to fifth. Tony Gomez kicked off his strength and joined the mix as did Kyle Hurst.

The race was slowing down on lap four as Isaiah Vasquez spins the first turn. After the start of the second half, Gomez and Copeland battled for second place with Sanders directly behind him. Lap eight saw Colby Thornhill enter Landon Brooks and ended up with Brooks spinning and Thornhill continued to run as the two were in a fight for 17th place.

With the double coil replay, Golobic will lead Copeland, Sanders and Gomez. The race was halted on lap nine due to a severe accident when Chase Madgic rebounded from the wall of the second lap and descended onto the track in front of a group of cars. Ryan Robinson rode on top of the spinning around Magick’s car, and nearly ripped off the upper wing.

Jodi Robinson also participated as her top wing also bowed out as the group of cars tried to slow down and avoid the impasse. Madjic and both Robinsons were eliminated from the race due to a wreck.

The race would resume and produce some of the best fights for center as the Netto, Scelzi and Gomes cars swirled around the track three at times. As the race went on, Skelzy seemed to get stronger and soon he was battling Sanders for second.

While Golobic was working in traffic, Scelzi approached Commander Golobic. Their fight was halted when Vazquez turned a second time and again on lap 24.

Scelzi made a solid attempt to get around Golobic on the restart, but Golobic was very smart and held on to the win.

the end:

Shane Golubek, Dominic Shelze, Justin Sanders, DJ Neto, Sean Baker, Tony Gomez, Chase Johnson, Joey Ancona, Kayden Steel, Calab Montgomery, Kyle Hurst, Colby Thornhill, Michael Pompeo, Andy Forsberg, Gage Garcia, Greg Deckers IV, Landon Brooks, Isaiah Vasquez, JJ Ringo, Jared Faria, Colby Copeland, Chase Madjic, Ryan Robinson, Jodi Robinson

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