LeBron’s teammate told me to stay hot on China

Anis Kanter Freedom says teammate LeBron James told him to keep the Lakers superstar warm.

Kanter Freedom appeared on Fox News’ Will Cain Podcast and said one of James’ teammates had particularly encouraged him to keep talking about the controversial partnership between the NBA and China.

“One of my teammates that LeBron came up to came up to me and said, ‘Dude, keep doing what you’re doing. What you’re doing is right. Don’t give up.’

Enes Kanter Freedom continues to go after LeBron James over China.
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“I was so shocked. I thought he’d be like, ‘Stop talking dude.’ He’s going to try to defend LeBron, right? He’s like, ‘Dude, don’t stop.'”

When there was a rant after Daryl Morey, the general manager of the Rockets and now of the Sixers, tweeted Free Hong Kong, LeBron James slammed him for it.

“Daryl Morey made these comments,” James said at a private meeting that included NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

According to ESPN, James added, “There will be repercussions for the player to pay. This tweet will likely cost hundreds of millions of dollars in the NBA, which could come out of players’ pockets.”

Publicly, James said Morey was “misleading” and “uneducated” about geopolitical news in which Hong Kong citizens are protesting incursions by the Chinese Communist Party into their freedom.

Daryl Morey
Daryl Morey
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James, through his sponsorship of Nike sneakers and TV and movie deals, has done a lot of business directly or indirectly with China.

Freedom, who is from Turkey, has spoken out against authoritarian regimes, donning sneakers that poach LeBron James by showing him bowing to Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping. He also wore sneakers that support the Uyghurs, a Muslim ethnic minority who have reportedly been subjected to forced labor and sterilization by the Chinese leadership.

Speaking with Cain, Freedom said LeBron’s teammate approached him during free throws.

“You know, he said to me, on the free-throw line, he said, ‘I have a lot of things I want to say, but I can’t because these teams got us. ”

“If you want another contract, if you want more endorsement deals, if you want other companies to work with you, you have to keep your mouth shut. You can’t criticize the league or the companies or Nike or anyone or the players or the stars.

“I was so happy he said it, but at the same time, I’m like, ‘Dude, come on man. Not a single player wants to join me. It made me really sad.'”

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