LH Naughton arrives as the Cardinals’ 16th bowler; Woodford is still used only once | St. Louis Cardinals

CINCINNATI – Left-handed Patrick “Bucky” Naughton became the 16th bowler to hold a berth on the Cardinals’ list Friday when he was called up by AAA Memphis to replace Drew Verhagen, who returned to St. Listed for 10 days with right hip impingement.

“I don’t think (VerHagen’s disease) is a long-term deal,” said director Oliver Marmol. “We will get a better idea of ​​what to look for once we get back. He has experienced it in the past.”

All of the other 15 shooters have had at least two games, except for one, Jake Woodford, who worked three goalless rounds on April 10. Nothing has happened since then.

“I’m fine,” Woodford said when asked if he was injured. “That’s just how it falls sometimes. We have a lot of weapons. I’ll be ready. Are you okay?”

Woodford was a key player for the Cardinals during their dash in September/October last year, making four appearances during the club’s record winning streak of 17 games.

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Marmol said it had a lot to do with the club’s desire to see VerHagen and Aaron Brooks, another newcomer, as mid-to-long term dwellers, knowing Woodford is already there.

“It didn’t present itself to the degree we wanted either,” Marmol said. “[But]we have a pretty good idea of ​​what we have with Woody. “

Naughton was acquired so late in spring training by the Cardinals that he had no chance of getting into a Grapefruit League match with them. He was sent to Memphis shortly after one session facing the hitters. But he quickly made his mark in Memphis.

Naughton, whose speed, Marmol said, increased from 91 to 93 mph in Memphis to go along with his slider, notching 12 in 10 rounds while averaging 1.80 in five rounds. Waivers were claimed from the Los Angeles Angels on March 21.

Marmol said of the Reds: “They have some lefties in their squad, and we’ll use him accordingly.”

Originally a Cincinnati Round 9 pick in 2017, Naughton was Minor League Player of the Year in 2019, Naughton was 0-4 with 6.35 ERA in seven games (five starts) last season with the Angels, which he earned Trade with the Reds. But Naughton has played at the Palace with several current Reds, including injured wrestler Tyler Stephenson (a concussion) and second baseman Jonathan India (hamstring).

“You’re framed by them and you say, ‘Wow.'” “I can’t wait to get to GAP (Great American Ball Park),” said Naughton from Boston. “Now I’m here on the visitors side. Just good, though.”

He said it was understandable not to get a chance this spring. “It was a short spring training and they had a lot of players who needed to throw in,” Notten said. “Nothing to think about. It wasn’t really a big deal at the time.”

But now he says, “I’m confident on my stuff, sure. I made 20 throws on Wednesday, so I’m ready to go today. Throw to my strengths—and get some guys out.”

Naughton said he became “Packy” at a young age. Shortly after his birth, his older brother, Jake, two years old, couldn’t pronounce “Patrick,” so “Bucky” came out.

“I kind of got stuck and I’ve been Packy ever since,” Naughton said before kicking off match three with Cincinnati. “I love (the name). It’s different. We hope people will remember it.”

VerHagen, who has shown in Japan the past two seasons, has a 5.79 ERA and has cheered four in 4 2/3 innings for the Cardinals.

Four new appetizers

Four players who did not start Thursday in Miami were in the Cardinals’ squad on Friday.

After Yadier Molina played all three games in Florida, Andrew Knizner was arrested. Lars Nootbaar made his first central field start for Harrison Bader and Corey Dickerson was the designated hitter because the Cardinals, counting the substitution hitters, hired the four hitters available to them.

“That’s our limit,” Marmol said.

Edmundo Sosa, who was two-to-five on his only start this season, spelled Paul Dejong at short notice. Badr and Dejong were one for nine games in Miami, but Marmol said he told both before Thursday’s game that they would miss Friday against rookie fireball player Hunter Green with the Cardinals in the midst of 20 straight games and 35 games in 36 days. Marmol said both Badr and Dejong will play on Saturday.

Marmol said he kept Dylan Carlson, reserve last year at the center, in the appropriate field for Carlson’s comfort level. Nootbaar had played a junior position in the majors until this spring.

The Cardinals see another ace

After Sandy Alcantara and Pablo Lopez lost 15 runs to the Miami team, Cardinal Green, who had 39 courses over 100 mph in his previous start in Los Angeles, faced off. “That’s who we’re going to have to defeat if you’re going to win the World Championship,” Marmol said of the proliferation of strong young opponents.

“You look at the Milwaukee series, this series and the Miami series, we’ve seen a lot of good guns. But if we keep winning every series (they tied 2-2), we’ll be fine.”

The injured Reds had lost nine in a row before Friday but Marmol said he didn’t pay much attention to it.

“I don’t really care if they lose nine in a row or win nine in a row,” Marmol said. “It doesn’t change the way we prepare or how our team prepares. We are absolutely confident that if we do what we do, it’s hard to beat.”

Flaherty is playing fishing

Right-handed Jack Flaherty, who is recovering from a right shoulder problem, has been game-hunting on this 11-day trip and said he expects to do so until Thursday when he’ll likely start throwing a pile.

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