Looney pulls 22 rebounds as the Warriors snatch a streak against the Grizzlies

The Golden State Warriors book their trip to the Western Conference Finals With a 110-96 win in Game 6 of their series against Memphis Grizzliesprogressing with a 4-2 edge. It wasn’t the most beautiful game to watch, there were an amazing 70 rebounds in total, but Dubs They did exactly what they needed to that night and will appear for the first time in the finals since 2019, where they will face either Phoenix Suns or the Dallas Mavericks.

without and Morante At the Chase position, the Grizzlies stayed competitive through three quarters, before the final 32-19 frame of the Warriors put the game to bed. While most Warriors players have risen to the occasion, none have played better than Klay Thompsonwho lived up to his illustrious 6S reputation with 30 pointsShooting 11 of 22 from the field and eight of 14 from long range. He humbly said afterward, “It’s something that comes naturally. I don’t go to sleep thinking I’m going to score 30 or hit the ball well, I just think about how far I’ve come and how grateful I am to have another game at Chase. Luckily it was one of my nights. Let’s We carry that momentum in WCF. Being one of the last four teams, it’s a feeling that’s hard to describe, it’s really great and it just inspires me to keep going because I think we still have great basketball.”

Stephen Curry He added 29 points in shooting 10 of 27, adding seven rebounds and five assists, while Andrew Wiggins He was strong on both ends, scoring 18 points, making 10 rebounds and blocking three shots.

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kevon looney It also deserves special mention. After being bullied from the inside in Game 5, eccentric In rotation, to replace the rookie Jonathan Kuminga And grab a high exciting game 22 rebounds in 35 minutesWhile Draymond Green He earned 14 points, 16 rebounds and 8 assists.

Warriors assistant coach Mike Brownstanding in Steve Care who tested positive for Covid-19, praised the players afterwards, telling reporters “there are a lot of games where you can take a coin, flip it around, and it can go either way. My hat went to Taylor” [Jenkins] And his group and the players as well as the organization because they are going to be around for a long time. Next, Loon…what a game! Holy lord, 22 tablets!? I can’t remember the last time someone owned 22 tablets. It is wonderful. I think what was most impressive of the 22 planks was that I did it 17 minutes straight! And I kept looking at him, because after the first five he seemed to be dying! Then for the next couple of days, it seemed to get worse — every minute after that, I’d say, “Loon, hold on” and he did. Clay? You guys have been here for a while, you know how Clay deals with Game 6s…what a ramp up time! It was wonderful. Not only, you know, you’re looking at shooting — he had eight boards, and that was one of the things we stressed — our rangers have to wear. Not only did he shoot 30, he shot 11 for 22, but he chased [Desmond] damn all night. This is not an easy task. Draymond with his 16, Wig with his 10, Clay with his eight, then obviously Lun with his 22 – that’s fantastic against a team of this size and this sport.”

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