“Marcus Smart got a DPOY from me, I taught him everything he knew!”: Jaylen Brown determined to take credit for Celtics defender’s outstanding play against Kyrie Irving and the Nets

Jaylen Brown wants to be credited with teaching Marcus Smart “everything he knows” as well as winning Defensive Player of the Year.

Jaylen Brown and the Boston Celtics protected the Home Court perfectly in the first round series against Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets. While Kyrie might have been able to hold it in one possession game in Game 1, he and Kevin Durant weren’t close to what you’d expect of the ‘most skilled duo in NBA history’ in Game 2.

KD and Irving combined shooting 8-30 with the former to keep the game alive with his James Harden-esque free throw numbers of 18-20. The Celtics, on the other hand, played a great game on both ends of the floor, with Jaylen Brown leading the group with 22 points for 50% shooting from the field.

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6 Celts players, excluding Brown, were in double figures tonight as Grant Williams scored 17 goals for himself and was a major contributor in the first half. Of course, Marcus Smart was a crucial factor in defense thanks to his ability to rally opposing players to recognize when double teams are necessary.

Jaylen Brown on Marcus Smart gets everything he knows from him.

Marcus Smart is the Boston Celtics’ oldest statesman and plays a similar role as Patrick Beverly and Draymond Green on their teams: defensive identity and vocal leader. With that comes the responsibility to keep everyone in check throughout the game or series.

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It’s safe to say Jaylen Brown didn’t quite get that memo as he hilariously turns to the post-match press to say, “I don’t know. That was a play. I taught Marcus everything he knows. He might be the best defensive player of the year but he got that from me.”

It’s refreshing to see the Celtics in high spirits because they’re a stark difference from what they were at the start of the season with a record 18-21. Everything from Smart summoning Tatum and Brown to those who have to fend for themselves, the entire NBA scene has been debating whether or not they can co-exist.

Fast forward to the day and they have a comfortable 2-0 lead over Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. It seems as though Brown’s tweet about the power shift was really what Boston needed to become a post-season tyrant.

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