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Delta Charter

Chloe Smith

Smith, a senior, led this year’s Lady Storm in midfield. On the field, she set an example for her younger teammates. Delta Charter had 10 players who were seventh and eighth graders. She had the ability to score goals when needed after scoring five goals against Wossman.

Alexis Yates

The center back has scored two goals this season. One of those goals came against Bolton and the other against Opelousas. She was a consistent defender of Ms. Storm and her coach allowed her to play one game as a striker.

Jacy McFarland

A sophomore, defensive midfielder Jesse MacFarland doesn’t score many goals but she is capable of changing the game. In midfield, you read the game well and know what to do off the ball. Her coach said she has a bright future.


Maddy Campbell

AC’s top scorer, Campbell had a drive that never quit. Whether she’s chasing loose balls in the offensive third and making goals or regressing to defend, she has always been there for her team. Campbell was a great leader and play forward after spending most of her career as a defender.

Cole’s past

The midfield wouldn’t be the same without great Maddie Cooley. She played a key role in going from defense to offense and dominated the game with her passing. Cooley scored the equalizer to force Brookhaven Academy into overtime this season. She worked hard during the holiday season to make a difference for her team.

Brooklyn Timmons

Timmons, a top striker, has been eager to score in the crucial games of the season. I scored two goals against Brookhaven Academy including the match winner and scored the match winner against Cathedral on the road. She added another goal on opponents across town last night to help her team win.


Izzy Dupre

Dupre, the top striker, has taken advantage of her chances to score at the cathedral this season. She had two goals against area opponents Copiah Academy and ACCS. Her head coach said she was the captain of the team that put the team on her back this season. One of her traits was sprinting hard after sprinting hard in matches.

Gracie Foster

The Cathedral needed a central midfielder this season and Foster climbed into the role after starting the season as a striker. She competed for every ball in the middle of the field and was stubborn in matches. Foster was the attacking force of the Green Wave and defended well. She scored a goal against AC in their last game of the season.

Maddy Feruci

A junior player, Verruchi played well in the role of an attacking midfielder. Her pace created and capitalized on goal-scoring opportunities. Against Copiah Academy, she scored a hat-trick to start the season strong. Ferrucci added a late goal against AC and should play a key role in the Green Wave attack next season.


Carmen Butler

Big Butler will miss the Lady Bulldogs next season. She was the strongest player on the team and was solid in the midfield. Coach Josh West has relied on it this season and has watched it continue to grow over the past few years.

Franklin County

Kylie Bolt

As a top midfielder, Lady Dogs started all 20 matches and scored 14 goals, three of them match winners and nine assists. She was the most valuable midfielder in District 7 and had 130 steals. She is a player who leads by example and is dedicated to the programme. Her talent and work ethic make her a very talented player.

Ali Bolt

Top defender Bolt scored two goals and three assists in her final season, adding to his total of 10 goals and seven assists. She is the all-time leader in Mrs. Dogs’ steals with 699, 189 of those coming in this season. As a natural advocate, she selflessly devoted herself to the sweeper stance and cleaning up bugs.

Carly Wallace

Young defender Lady Dogs has scored two goals and assisted two goals this season with 144 possessions. She has a strong presence on the court and is very athletic. Her ability to play on both sides of the field distinguishes her from others. She’s physique, has a strong leg and is very good in the air, said Jeff Long, head coach.

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