NBA News Roundup: Shaquille O’Neal casts a shadow over 3-time All-Star, Enes Freedom wants Elon Musk to buy the NBA, more

NBA legend and four-time champion Shaquille O’Neal is still casting a shadow over Ben Simmons of the Brooklyn Nets.

O’Neil Simmons has been criticized all season for his handling of the Philadelphia 76ers. Simmons also received backlash from Shaq after he provoked his return on the field and backed out at the last minute.

In the meantime, Enes Kanter Freedom wants to return to the NBA. Freedom likely played his last NBA game as no team wanted to sign him because of his opinions. In order to get back into the league, Freedom wants Elon Musk to buy the NBA.

Here is the latest NBA roundup for May 14, 2022 from Sportskeeda.

Shaquille O’Neal casts a shadow on Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons of the Brooklyn Nets.
Ben Simmons of the Brooklyn Nets.

On the final episode of “The Big Podcast with Shaq,” the four-time NBA champion cast some shade on Ben Simmons, while praising LeBron James and Tom Brady. Shaquille O’Neal has congratulated Brady on his massive 10-year $375 million deal with Fox Sports.

O’Neill also praised “King” for working hard to earn his contract, while Simmons declined without naming him. Shaq mentioned the “vagrants” with a back injury and needing surgery. The jibe appears to be referring to Simmons, who missed the entire season for various reasons and recently underwent back surgery due to a herniated disc.

O’Neill said:

“LeBron, like always getting money, okay? But when you start wondering, all these bums, how much money they make and talking about ‘Oh my back hurts, and I need back surgery.'” “That’s when you start questioning people’s money, but you can never question the great Tom Brady.”

“If I say something hurtful, maybe he should call me.”SHQ He opens up about his comments towards Ben Simmons

Enes Freedom wants Elon Musk to buy the NBA

Anais Kanter Freedom from the Boston Celtics.
Anais Kanter Freedom from the Boston Celtics.

Anis Kanter Freedom hasn’t played an NBA game since the Houston Rockets ceded him last February. Freedom made headlines this season after speaking out against China, Nike, Michael Jordan, LeBron James and other social issues.

With Elon Musk’s recent purchase of Twitter, Freedom has appealed to the billionaire to buy the NBA as well. The former 3rd overall pick wants Musk to own the league so he can make a comeback. Because of his advocacy and criticism of China, there is a good chance the former Boston Celtics man will play his last game in the NBA.

‘Which – which [Elon Musk buying the NBA] It would be my dream, you know? I think, you know, what he’s doing for freedom of speech is amazing, and I think, you know, he can do some justice in the NBA and maybe I can finally play basketball,” Freedom said.

Gillian Turner, host of Fox News: “Do you still want Elon Musk to buy the NBA?” Anais Kanter Freedom: “That would be my dream…I think, you know, he can do some justice in the NBA, and eventually maybe I can get to play basketball.”

Six players to keep Doc Rivers as head coach next season

Doc Rivers and James Harden of the Philadelphia 76ers
Doc Rivers and James Harden of the Philadelphia 76ers

Questions were raised about Doc Rivers’ future with the Philadelphia 76ers after they were eliminated by the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference semifinals. Rivers still has a contract with The Sixers, but his name is associated with the Los Angeles Lakers.

In an exit interview with the Sixers, team boss Daryl Morey confirmed that Rivers will remain the team’s coach for next season. Morey remains confident that the NBA champion’s first coach is the right leader to help Philadelphia win their first championship since 1983.

He said:

“I think he’s a great coach. I love working with him, I feel like I’m learning from him. I think Elton (Brand) and I make a great team and we’ll see where this journey takes us. But we feel good about where he takes us. It’s going to be where we have a very good chance of winning the title.”

Celtics defeat Bucks, The Force 7 in Boston

Jason Tatum of the Boston Celtics.
Jason Tatum of the Boston Celtics.

The Boston Celtics forced the Game 7 home with a 108-95 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks on the road. Jason Tatum was nearly unstoppable with 46 points, nine rebounds and four assists, and he confirmed there was going to be a game in Boston.

Meanwhile, Giannis Antetokounmpo had a massive game with 44 points, 20 rebounds, six assists, one steal and two blocks. Giannis and Bucks were poised to come back in the fourth quarter, but Tatum spoiled it at every turn. The Bucks now need a win on the road to continue defending their title.

Milwaukee head coach Mike Budenholzer wasn’t bothered having a Game 7 at a hostile venue like TD Garden in Boston. Here is what Budenholzer told the media after the match:

“I don’t think anyone has ever won two games in a row in this series. Now, it’s the end. You have to go and find a way to get that fourth win and win the series. I think everyone in the sport is looking for that game. That college feel. That feeling you get.” NCAA, where if you lose your season, if you win, you keep going. It’s exciting.”

Danny Green ruptures the anterior cruciate ligament, and the LCL in his left knee

Danny Green of the Philadelphia 76ers.
Danny Green of the Philadelphia 76ers.

Danny Green of the Philadelphia 76ers suffered a ruptured ACL and LCL in his left knee in their season-ending loss to the Miami Heat, in Gina Mezelle from the Philadelphia Inquirer. Green was injured in the first quarter when teammate Joel Embiid awkwardly fell to his knee.

The three-time NBA champion grabbed his knee and was clearly in pain. His teammates took him to the locker room and he was on crutches during his exit interview with the media. Here is what Green had to say about his unfortunate injury:

“Kinda is bad. Year 13, as you get older, it becomes difficult to deal with… Not the most fun thing to think about when summer starts. I think the worst of it is just knowing I couldn’t help the team and watching things unfold The way it did when I’m not on Earth.”

The Greens are expected to miss the majority or possibly the entire 2022-23 NBA season. The 34-year-old veteran still has a contract left with the Sixers, but it’s not guaranteed.

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