NBA Twitter interacts with Game 6 Klay, Looney

For the first time in years, “Game 6 Klay” has appeared in postseason. With his famous nickname on the line, he submitted Klay Thompson to the Golden State Warriors.

Thompson scored a game-high 30 points in an 11-of-22 shot from the ground in eight threes to help the Warriors eliminate the Memphis Grizzlies in six games and punch a ticket to the Western Conference Finals.

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While Thompson helped score, Kevin Looney took control of the glass. After receiving a nod in the starting lineup, Looney had 22 dominant rebounds. Looney led the Warriors to a total of 70 boards in the NBA. Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins finished the competition with double digits in the rebound column.

While Thompson and Looney kept the Warriors in the game against the grizzly Grizzlies, Steve Curry was quiet during the first three quarters. However, when it came time to shut down the Grizzlies, The Warriors’ Most Valuable Player twice came through the clutch. Curry scored 11 points in the fourth quarter three times to finish off the Grizzlies. Curry finished the competition with 29 points on 10 from 27 shots from the field with seven boards and five assists.

After the Warriors booked a spot in the Western Conference Finals, the NBA community on Twitter chimed in with mixed reactions.

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