NHL releases new schedule, not great for New York Rangers

The NHL had a house of cards to build and they finally finished, releasing the schedule for the rest of the season. They had to reschedule postponements and change the dates of previously scheduled matches. Unfortunately for the New York Rangers, the new schedule does them no favors.

Here’s how it affects the Rangers.

  • The Rangers’ home game against the Boston Bruins scheduled for April 24 has been moved to February 15.
  • The MSG game against the Detroit Red Wings has been postponed from December 27 to February 17.
  • The Rangers match in Ottawa against the Senators, which was postponed on November 20, has been postponed to February 20.
  • The game against Montreal at MSG has been postponed from December 22 to April 27.

what does that mean

The hope was that the league would make an attempt to balance the schedule for all teams and not just use the open dates by the Olympics not to participate in the postponed matches. You are not to become.

This means that Rangers will witness February with only seven matches in 28 days, followed by March with 15 matches in 31 days and April with 14 matches in 29 days. The number of matches they play in March and April remains unchanged.

Essentially, February becomes the catch-up month for teams that have been hit hard by COVID delays while teams that have managed to stay healthy will get most of the month off.

Regarding the Metropolitan Rangers discount, the good news is that they are often in the same boat.

  • Washington has five games added to her schedule in February and she has one less game in April.
  • Carolina will play eight more games in February with one less game in April.
  • Pittsburgh will play seven more games in February and one less game in April.

Let’s not forget that the Rangers already added a game in April when their November 28 game with the Islanders was moved to April 17. This means that the Rangers are the only team out of the top four teams in the Met that has to play one. More than one game in April while the other three play one game less.

It might not seem like a lot, but given that the Rangers will be playing practically every two days for the final two months of the season, even adding one game doesn’t help. Subtract one does.


If anyone has been wondering how Mika Zibanijad knew he had a personal issue that kept him from going to the All-Star Game, we’ve got the answer. Rangers play Florida at home on Tuesday, February 1, and then stop until Tuesday, February 15 when they host the Boston Bruins. It is safe to assume that Zipanegad was aware of the revision of the schedule and plans for an extended vacation in Sweden.

Here’s the full schedule for February:

  • Tuesday February 1 – Florida
  • Tuesday 15 February – Boston
  • Thursday, February 17 – Detroit
  • Sunday 20 February – in Ottawa
  • Thursday, February 24 – Washington
  • Saturday 26th February – in Pittsburgh
  • Sunday February 27 – Vancouver

These are five home games, two road games and one set of cascading games. All matches are against the Eastern Conference competitor except for the last game of the month against Vancouver.

Of all the teams they play on, only Ottawa has a strict February schedule with a 10-game stretch of 16 games. Guards must be well rested.

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