Obviously the Blue Jays haven’t learned from Tuscar Hernandez’s injury

George Springer sustained another injury in the second half of Friday’s game, and it is clear that the Blue Jays did not learn from a similar situation that occurred earlier in the year.

Teoscar Hernandez had some time on the injured list in April, and I can’t help but wonder if his absence could have been avoided, or at least shortened his time on the sidelines. I say that because on the 13th of April, Hernandez took a swing against the Yankees and very clearly felt a kind of tingle in his slant. I am far from a doctor, and it was as clear to me every day as I was watching at the time.

To his limited credit with these situations, Charlie Montoyo came up to the top of the dugout and asked Hernandez if he was okay. Instead of going out to talk to him, and even making him take some dry flips, the captain took Hernandez’s word that he could carry on. One step later, Hernandez was writhing in pain, and he headed to IL. There was clearly an injury before that second swing, but I think it made it worse by staying in the match.

Why do I come back to this story? Because we saw a very similar situation play out with George Springer on Friday night, and Montoyo took his player’s word back that he’s fine. I’m not against a manager who trusts his players, especially a veteran like Springer, but asking them to take themselves out of the game is something most players won’t do until they absolutely have to.

Not only did the Blue Jays leave Springer in the game after he roamed around the field with the coaching staff, but they watched him run as he ran off the field, still letting him take another racket in the third inning before. It was finally replaced by Raimel Tapia.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m not a doctor, and I haven’t been sitting down or talking to Springer or the coaching staff. However, this seemed like an absolutely no-brainer to get the star quarterback out of the game before it made things worse. He was only able to play 79 games in 2021, and so far Springer’s health has been much better. Unfortunately, that ran out on Friday, and we have to hope it wasn’t a serious injury.

By the time Springer reached the board at the top of the third board, I couldn’t believe they were still letting him continue. All it took was one swing of the arms just to prove he was wrong, and the All-Star 3 was out of the game.

Hopefully the extra swing won’t make matters worse, but either way, Charlie Montoyo and the Blue Jays have to learn from that mistake, especially because it’s the second time it’s actually happened in this young season.

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