Packers baseball focus on strong end

West Fargo is 5-0 at EDC

WEST FARGO ND – “It’s really every aspect of the game, we play really good defense, you know we play from top to bottom in the lineup and our bowlers have been shooting; that’s where you start. That’s where you start. The bowlers have done a really great job,” said coach, Brett Peterson. Throwing kicks, which gave our attack a chance to put some kicks on the board and that’s what we were able to do in this start 5-0.”

Al Hazmoun hasn’t hit a single game this season, but with a team hitting an average of 0.338, it’s not easy to get out in the line-up.

“Everyone hits the ball, everybody’s on the base, we don’t have the big sticks but we’ve got the connection and that’s what matters, moving people,” Matthew Heubel said.

Defensively, packers rely on good promotion with an emphasis on minimizing errors.

“What we talk about with our guys is the error column, if we can keep that at 0 or 1, you know we’re going to be tough to win, so I think we’re playing some really good defense and also our shooters, we haven’t walked a lot of guys; giving up,” Peterson said. About the free rules that seem to always come in and out, so I think those two are the keys for us so far and moving forward.”

Despite the hot start, the group knows better than to rest on their early success and focus on what it takes to finish the game strong.

“Yeah, you know I’ve been preaching to these guys all day and even yesterday when we took the lead in Round 4 I’m just as if we can’t go very high, and then if things are bad we can’t go down very much,” Jaden said just ‘you should stay’ Stable and good things will happen if you get too high you start getting cocky and then you start making lazy plays and if you get too low you don’t have confidence in yourself and we just have to stay comfortable,” said Jaden Greifsrud.

“I think you’re not content with winning; you’re happy with it you can learn from it but we know conference season is over and we still have a lot to prove and I think these guys understand that you can’t be satisfied with what we’ve done and we have to keep moving forward and doing things,” Peterson said. What we’re doing if we’re going to continue to put in some gains.”

With the Conference underway undefeated and the state champions victorious, West Fargo is ready and motivated to be a backpacking target.

“As we continue to deal with people, we will come out that we are the team to beat and everyone will start throwing an ace against us.. It should be fun,” Heupel said.

“We just have to keep our bats going, stay focused in training, keep doing the tee, keep doing the batting cages, and all that, like I said before, we can’t go up too much, we can’t go down too much,” said Grisefrud. : “I have to stay dressed and good things will happen to us.”

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