Prince Emily talks about signing with the Buffalo Bills, expecting training camp

University of Pennsylvania graduate student Lineman Prince Emily deals with Columbia as he steps back Dante Miller at Wayne Stadium on October 16. Credit: Nicholas Fernandez

After six years as a Quaker member, Prince Emily will remain in Red and Blue, as a defensive line Occurred With Buffalo billed as an unformed free agent after the 2022 NFL Draft at the end of April.

In doing so, he became the fourth graduate football from Pennsylvania currently active in the NFL, along with Kansas City Chiefs’ Justin Watson, Atlanta Falcons player Brandon Copeland, and free agent guard Greg Van Rutten.

While in Pennsylvania, Emily earned All-Ivy first-team nods, including one last season, scoring 11 sacks, 162 tackles, and 30.5 tackles for a loss in a total of 37 games.

Despite making it to a junior rookie camp, Emili still faces the daunting challenge of competing for a spot on the shortlist as an undeveloped rookie. Here’s what he said about Bills, his setup, and his chances of making the team.

DP: What is the signing process with Buffalo?

Emily: I heard from them during the draft, and they were saying they were interested in signing me to a junior camp and decided it was a good fit. I’ve heard of them a few times during this whole process, and it’s a good place to land.

DP: During your time in Pennsylvania, was the plan always to try to make it into the NFL?

Emily: This was by no means an accident. The NFL has definitely been my goal, and it’s something I’ve been working towards most of my life, so I’m excited to see that pay off.

DP: What has been the reaction of all the people in your life, including those on Team Penn?

Emily: Honestly, it was very positive. My phone was never alive before. My notifications were coming from every angle you could think of. Everyone was so excited, including me. It was an amazing day.

DP: Who are you most excited to work with in Buffalo?

Emily: Von Miller. He’s a goat so once you see how he goes about his day and practices, I want to see how he does what he does.

DP: Entering as an unpolished free agent, having a place on the team is definitely not a guarantee. How do you feel about your chances of getting the finalist?

Emily: I’ve been fighting uphill battles for as long as I can remember, so I’m not new to this position. Every step along the way, you kind of have to earn your place, remind people who you are, and I’m excited to go and fight for a place on this team.

DP: How do you feel your role on the team would be?

Emily: Whatever they want me to do, I’ll do it.

DP: What will take you to Buffalo from your time in Pennsylvania?

Emily: I would say my ability to learn and adapt to new situations. I feel it will help me a lot.

DP: The NFL is clearly a much higher standard of play than the Ivy League. What do you expect to be most different for you personally on a professional level?

Emily: Just the speed of the game. Everyone is faster at that level so this will take some time to adjust to, but I’m excited about that too. I want to see how good people really get.

DP: Much of the crew is made up of players who have gone to the big Power Five schools. Do you feel as though coming with a much different background would help or hinder you in any way?

Emily: Whether you play DI, DII, DIII, FBS, FCS, football is football. So I will feel at home regardless. I’m just excited to get there.

DP: What does your schedule look like in the future?

Emily: I’m leaving for the junior camp on Thursday [May 12]. It goes from bootcamp to OTAs, then we have about a month to ourselves to prepare for bootcamp, and then bootcamp starts in the last week of July.

DP: Have you spoken to the players and coaching staff at Buffalo yet?

Emily: I haven’t started talking to any of the guys yet, and I’m excited to meet them. I was mostly doing setup type things, talking to the front office guys, some staff in the training room and also having a chat with my coach on the D line as well.

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