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The Gophers have placed 22 high school football players on scholarships since coach PJ Fleck’s tenure began in 2017. Pioneer Press beat reporter Andy Grider to put them in a variety of categories.

Seven Minnesota residents have had the best jobs in maroon and gold:

1. Boy Muffy – The sixth inductee in the state in the 2017 class developed into a dangerous edge-passing rusher in the U and was selected 40th overall by the Seattle Seahawks in the 2022 NFL Draft. In his first month on the job, Flick attended Hopkins High School and won the This recruiting battle is over former Yu coach Jerry Kell, who was then the offensive coordinator for Rutgers.

2 – Blaise Andres – Marshall’s big offensive lineman was the best recruit in the class of 2017. Flick honored the commitment of every recruit in the state to Tracy Claeys, and that’s the commitment that comes the most. Andres started 46 games in Minnesota and was a free agent, signed by the Miami Dolphins last month.

3 – Previn Span – Ford – The narrow 6-foot-7 end of St. With the Gophers this fall.

4. Queen Carol – There is an asterisk here. Al Gopher lost when the top-rated recruit in the 2019 class of Notre Dame originally chose him. But the road came home when the offensive lineman returned from Edina through the NCAA transfer gate after last season. He will wire one of four vacancies well in advance of 2022, possibly as a guard.

5. Nathan Poe – The ultimate glue man. The offensive lineman from Lakeville North was the state’s No. 6 potential player in 2018 and played in 18 games in the United States. It drops this fall.

6. Cole Kramer – The Eden Prairie quarterback was named the nation’s No. 5 recruiter in 2019, and has played a role as the captain of the U wildcat. While he is now his third QB series behind Tanner Morgan and Athan Kalyamkanis, he had 36 moves for 165 yards sprinting and two touchdowns in 2021.

7. Josh Onee – Paul’s Highland Park producer was the No. 5 recruit in 2018 and played 20 linebackers in the United States. He missed 2021 due to injury, but returned in good health this fall.

Five players who left Minnesota in search of opportunities elsewhere:

1 – Tree Lance – The No. 8 nominee in the 2018 class didn’t have many suitors coming from Marshall. He chose North Dakota and thrived there, becoming the No. 3 selection by the San Francisco 49ers in the 2021 NFL Draft.

2 – Jermaine Johnson – The 11-ranked in the state in the 17th class began his nomadic journey in Kansas Goku before making appearances in Georgia and Florida. The ascent continued when the New York Jets took him with the 26th pick in the draft last month.

3. Galen Suggs – While he was the second football recruit in the 2020 class, he was destined to play basketball. After one season at Gonzaga and being the Orlando Magic’s fifth pick in last year’s NBA draft, the St. Paul native said he struck up an amazing relationship with Flick and assumed he would have been a gopher — if only former men’s basketball coach Richard Pettino recruited him more difficulty.

4. Lucas Heyer – Best in the 2022 class, Stanford chose one of the men’s O-lineman via Hill-Murray.

5 – Riley Mahlman – The best recruit of 2021, the O-lineman from Lakeville South, went to Wisconsin.

Three newcomers who have stayed home and will be counted into the U in the near future:

1. Logan Richter – It took a few years to develop the No. 4 recruit in the 2019 class, but the Parham mega-national looks set to be a major player in nose handling this fall.

2 – Danny Strego – He was the #8 player in the 2020 class via Orono climbing the depth chart on the defensive end and contributing to special teams.

3 – Cody Lindenberg – The 10th inductee in the Class of 2020 played a real freshman during the shaky COVID year, and producer Anoka is supposed to get some time off this fall after missing out on 2021 due to an injury.

Three young men are likely to carry the torch to the Gophers on the road:

1. Devin Eastern – Shakopee’s 2021 No. 4 recruit was taking turns in the defensive tackle in the spring drills.

2. Tree Bixby – No. 2 in the 2022 class is 100 percent after some health issues at Eden Prairie; The four-star D-lineman will score at the U in June.

3. Kristen Hoskins – Fifth place in the 2022 class, the fast athlete from Alexandria could overtake his Big Ten rivals – if his size (5ft 9, 160lbs) doesn’t limit his cap.

Note: In-state employment rankings are from 247sports.com’s composite lists.


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