Shaq Defends MJ’s Annie Canter Freedom ‘Don’t Talk About What Mike Does To The Black Community’ – Basketball Network

Enes Kanter Freedom has been in a bit of a rush lately, and hasn’t been shy about calling out the biggest names in basketball – Michael Jordan and LeBron James. However, the recent rhetoric against Michael Jordan didn’t go well with Shaquille O’Neal, and he’s given part of his mind to Freedom.

Lance Kanter’s freedom against the world

Kanter has been outspoken in his stance on social issues, some of which garnered support from Gregg Popovich, while others angered his fellow players. As someone who has not returned home due to legitimate security concerns, Anis knows what he’s talking about. He has attacked Nike for forced slavery, he has attacked LeBron James for his reluctance to be more active in vaccination campaigns, and Michael Jordan for his lack of contribution to the black community. The Boston Celtics called up MJ and claimed the Chicago Bulls legend needed to do more than focus on selling his shoes.

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