St. Louis Cardinals to play nearly three games against the Miami Marlins – Series preview

The St. Louis Cardinals are emerging from a series of splits with the Milwaukee Brewers. On Tuesday night, they will start a new series in Miami against the Marlins. Marlins at 4-5 are managed by Don Mattingly. They allowed 37 runs and scored 39, setting their Pythagorean record of wins and losses 5-4. The Cardinals’ Pythagorean record is 5-3, which is the actual record.

The only bowler the Cardinal is set to start so far is Adam Wainwright. His last ride was a bit difficult – he only went 4 13 Turns 8 hits and 2 walks. The bright side, however, is that it hit 7 strokes, so its .538 BABIP is probably not indicative of a worrying trend. He also had a 12.5% ​​home run average ball fly in Milwaukee and that should fall back. Looking at his baseball Savant pitch chart, it gives a very clear indication that Waino didn’t have the best of him. Most of the stadiums look out of the area or right in the middle.

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On his first start against the Pittsburgh Pirates, he wasn’t very sharp, but there is a large empty space in the middle of the area, which is likely by design. Waino should look sharper on Tuesday evening.

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The Cardinals face three interesting archers in this series. On Tuesday night, leftist Jesus Luzardo wore his rubber toes. During his major league career, he made a total of 171 runs with a 4.64 ERA. Despite this, on his last outing, he went five rounds against the Los Angeles Angels and only allowed two hits, one walk, and 12 hits. He threw 50% of the curve balls and buried them in the bottom of the strike zone and paired that with a 97 mph fastball up in Region. If this trend continued, it would be very different from his strategy in the past where he threw more dives than his quadruped sew. In the final kick of the match for Andrew Velasquez, he mixed in powerful fastballs up tight and cornering balls low before hitting a swing kick on a curve just out of the area. This is fairly standard promotion, but there is a reason for it. If it is done well, it is very effective. Powerful Cardinals will be watching, but there could be quite a few ups and downs from more-prone hitters like Tyler O’Neal, Paul Dejong and Harrison Bader.

The Cardinals face a familiar face on Wednesday in Sandy Alcantara. Alcantara had a season with the Cardinals in 2017, which was already a full four seasons ago in a way. He’s getting off to a good start against the Philadelphia Phillies last Thursday. He’s gone just over 6 innings, 2 stop runs in 7 strokes, 1 walk and 5 strokes. Slider throws, 4 stitches, sinker, and changeover. His diver is pretty good – according to Baseball Savant’s Run Value, he was -15 times in 2021.

Pablo Lopez is the rival bowler on Thursday. He’s been consistent with the Marlins since his debut in 2018. In 2021, he made nearly 103 innings with a 3.52 FIP and 3.07 ERA and hit 10+ in nine rounds. His strikes were on his last start – only 2 in over five rounds – but on his first start it looked like he was in 2021 with 6 strikes in 5 innings. He likes to throw in change and 4 tailors about 30% of the time and sprinkle in the cutter, dip, and curler the rest of the time. He made the switch back in 2020 and it looks like it was a good choice. Her on-field percentage was 25% in 2021 and her wiff rate was over 31%.

Offensively, the Marlins have been pretty good so far. As a team they have Rs 107+, ninth in baseball now. Five out of the nine regular players have +WRC+ over 100. Jesus Sanchez was a really interesting player for the Marlins. In 36 board appearances, the 24-year-old hit .343/.361/.657, hit twice at home, walked once, and hit only 6 times. This is all fun with bite-sized samples, of course, but there’s just something fun about a player who doesn’t walk and gets out so little. In his career in the majors, he’s made a lot more – 30.1% – and is known to have a below-average approach according to scouts, so this probably won’t last, but it’s still very interesting.

Jazz Chisholm Jr. is another young Marlins player who is off to an exciting start. In 27 board appearances, he has earned 216 WRC+. Its ISO is 0.545, powered by 2 doubles, 2 triples, and 2 homers. Again, this is fun with small sample sizes, but as a short staple, the Chisholm’s power and speed are rare and intriguing. If he can cut down on attacking strikes, he will have a huge positive side for this young Marlins team.

Albert Pujols Report (APR):

In 17 board appearances, Albert Pujols hit .333/.412/.733 with a .250 BABIP and 220 wRC+. He made twice on home soil, for a total of 681, leaving him 19 away from 700.


Will Albert Pujols Homer of Jesus Lazardo Curveball.
Adam Wainwright will hit Jesus Sanchez on a curve ball, but he’ll also give up an extra base hit for him on a weightlifter.
Tyler O’Neal will steal base on Wednesday.


Tuesday, April 19 5:40 PM CST: Adam Wainwright vs. Jesus Luzardo
Wednesday, April 20 at 5:40pm CST: TBD vs Sandy Alcantara
Thursday, April 21 5:40 PM CST: TBD vs Pablo Lopez

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