The Braves lose to the Cubs in the extras after the suffering of Charlie Morton

Atlanta – Well, April was definitely not as fun as last October. With the first month of this season coming to a close, the brave can only hope that the next few weeks and months will be more fruitful.
Dansby Swanson halted his season-long troubles with a big hit. But his eighth-stroke single wasn’t enough to overcome the frustrations that Charlie Morton and Tyler Matzek were carrying in a 6-3, 10-game loss to the Cubs at Truist Park on Wednesday night.
Morton needed 70 shots to score seven, but Swanson’s eighth-place singles eliminated the early Braves deficit. It also set the stage for Matzek to uncharacteristically allow three hits in the 10th inning, including a double by Wilson Contreras and the two-running Homer Patrick Wisdom.
Here are three takeaways from extra loss:
Morton’s frustrations
Morton posted an ERA of 7.00 PM during his first four starts, the ugliest of which was the last one. One of the seven contestants to throw the 38-year-old came thanks to Rafael Ortega’s unsuccessful attempt for the stolen base during the first half of a 26-court. Morton also made four walking runs and succumbed with four hits. He was lucky to only allow three runs.
When asked if he’s noticed any improvement after Morton spent the past week trying to find his rhythm during side sessions, Braves manager Brian Snicker said, “Honestly, not really.” The veteran captain also described his experienced bomber as “a bit out of control”.
“I feel like where I am, I’m just letting the team down,” Morton said.
The Cubs blow three of 26 flips against Morton. Back in the 2008 junior season, this was the thirteenth time Morton had caused three puffs or fewer for at least 25 flips in a game. He had produced an inhalation rate of 22.8 percent during his first three starts. That’s down from the 28.9 percent it set up last year.
Morton turned things around after struggling through the early stages of the past two years. He had a 4.50 ERA from his first 13 starts last season and 2.71 ERA over his other 20 regular season starts.
“Looking back [at last year’s first month and a half]Morton said. “But there was a lot of poor contact, and there was still a lot of swaying and failing. Now, there isn’t. To be honest with myself, I had to mix a lot. I had to mix a cutter and a change just to get the players off the main pitches, and the results are still not Where they want it.”
One of those nights
Matzik became a cult hero with his post-season dominance last year and entered the 10th inning on Wednesday after only allowing one stroke in 6 2/3 innings this year. But with a runner in second place to start the run, the left-handed savior immediately found himself facing a deficit. Contreras started the inning with weakness and humid’s wisdom against a fast 93.8 mph ball.
The fastball Matzik touched 95.9 mph and averaged 94.3 mph during the outing. He averaged 96 mph with the pitch last year, but he’s averaged 94.9 mph over his previous six games this season.
much needed boost
Swanson added another contribution to his portfolio when he produced a hit single tied to the two-stage game with two wins in the eighth inning. That one hit might be just what he needed to get out of the rut that had his hit rate down to .175 before that plate appeared.
Swanson overcame the turn by slapping the ball through the right side of the field. As he made a chopping motion with his right arm while looking toward the lair of the Braves, the short pause seemed to release three weeks of frustration.
“Things like that can come off guys,” Snicker said. “He was struggling a little bit. You have a big hit and you get a great result like that, that could be a big deal for him.”

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