The Dodgers must reverse this worrisome early trend to win the NL West

The World Championships weren’t won in April and May, but the Dodgers’ road to a title could definitely get easier just by paying attention to the business.

When the dust settles and the playoff seeds rattle each October, the teams that top the pile with the local pitch advantage are the ones that beat the men low on the totem pole. Just take a look at the way AL East champion Baltimore Orioles have handled the past 38 years of their deliberate tanks.

Playing .500 balls against a division class while dumping waste below is usually how divisions are won and seeding set. nl little west Different this season.

It won’t hold up, but until mid-May, Los Angeles is trapped in a section filled with over 0.500 enemies, all the way to the Diamondbacks below. Meryl Kelly and Zach Gallen aren’t slack, and with Alec Thomas’ promotion, the young Arizona’s offensive is only getting more powerful.

In other words, no one in the Lower West would lash out in order to differentiate yourself from the Padres and Giants. This makes the Dodgers team play outside the division against distasteful More important difference.

So far, Los Angeles’s record is glowing, thanks to an impressive streak against top competitors such as the Giants, Padres and the Twins. Unfortunately, they can’t do much with the Pirates, the Rockies, and the D-Backs, who will have to flop in order for the Dodgers to stay ahead. In the end, higher level games are equal.

The Dodgers will lose NL West if they don’t start beating the bad teams

Good news for the dodgers? Daniel Vogelbach is out of their lives now for a while (at least, until the end of the month).

The else Good news for the dodgers? The schedule remains relatively thin for the next several weeks, giving Los Angeles ample opportunity to get the best out of and extend their lead in the division. Four at home against Arizona and four against the Phillies would make way for the road series in Philly, Washington and Arizona.

There isn’t a single daunting challenge in the May table for the 20-9 team, but that’s what makes these encounters so important.

There is no reason to be pessimistic about the forecast for the season. After all, the Dodgers sprinted out of the gate like a veteran’s favourite. But without Max Muncie, Cody Bellinger and Justin Turner in their gear, they should be able to find a steady pitch and hold the bulwark against the MLB dregs.

There is nothing wrong with registering on the surface.

But, eventually, the rest of the talented West will exploit the Dodgers’ loopholes, so they must establish a foundation over the next three weeks.

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