The highest-paid star, Tiger Woods is still in the top ten

Who are the highest paid athletes in the world in 2022? LeBron James, according to the ranking made by the specialized website Sportico, is the highest-paid athlete in the world over the past 12 months, with revenues of more than 127 million dollars, of which 70% are derived from investments and sponsorships (90 million dollars). .

The All-Star player has risen 18 times and the leader of the Los Angeles Lakers 4 places compared to last year and has preceded three players: Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar. The four were the only athletes to earn more than $100 million last year.

In his first season outside Barcelona, ​​Messi earned $122 million (50 off the field). The lowest step of the podium of this particular arrangement is the CR7 which has earned just under $115 million, 55 of which are derived from out-of-court agreements.

Messi’s Brazilian teammate at Paris Saint-Germain made $103 million last year (38 off the field). Among the top ten athletes in the rating, in addition to the 3 players, there are 4 players from the NBA. He joined LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and James Harden in sixth place ($86.2 million), seventh ($85.9 million) and ninth ($76 million), respectively.

Boxer Canelo Alvarez (5th with $89 million), tennis legend Roger Federer (8th with $85.7 million) and golfer Tiger Woods (10th with $73.5 million) completed the top ten. Among the athletes, tennis player Naomi Osaka, once again, is the 20th highest-paid, with a net worth of $53.2 million.

Injuries and outages from tennis have reduced her on-court earnings to 1.2 million, but she has made about 52 million from more than 20 sponsoring partners. Only James, Federer, Tiger Woods and Ronaldo have won more than the sponsors.

The top 100 highest-paid athletes in the world play 10 different sports and in the past 12 months have collectively earned around $4.5 billion in salary, awards and sponsorship, with the overall figure increasing by 6% over last year.

Top Ten, Tiger Woods

NBA players dominate the top 100 players (36th in the ranking with total earnings of $1.58 billion), followed by NFL players (25 vs. 1.04 billion), soccer players (13 vs. 701 million) and MLB players (12 vs. 408 million) .

Highest-paid athletes ranking – top 20
LeBron James (NBA): $127 million
Lionel Messi (football): 122 million;
Cristiano Ronaldo (Football) 115 million;
Neymar (football): 103 million
Canelo Alvarez (boxer): 89 million
Stephen Curry (NBA): 86.2 million;
Kevin Durant (NBA): 85.9 million;
Roger Federer (tennis): 85.7 million;
James Harden (NBA): 76 million
Tiger Woods (golf): 73.5 million;
Matthew Stafford (NFL): 73.3 million;
Giannis Antikonmo (NBA): 71.9 million
Russell Westbrook (NBA): 69.8 million;
Tyson Fury (boxer): 69 million
Josh Allen (NFL): 66.5 million;
Tom Brady (NFL): 58.4 million;
Deshaun Watson (NFL): 56 million
Klay Thompson (NBA): 54.2 million;
Lewis Hamilton (F1): 54 million;
Naomi Osaka (tennis): 50 million.

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