The Houston Dynamo 2 soccer team kicked off Saturday for the Houston teams

All three Houston teams are in action this evening and the Houston Dynamo 2 gets ready at 5 p.m. CT. Doss is on the way north to face Minnesota United 2 at Allianz Stadium. HD2 exits last weekend’s 2-0 win over Colorado Rapids 2 at AVEVA Stadium.

Defense wins championships

Goalkeeper Xavier Valdes scored his fourth close in the lead in a win over Colorado last week. Houston’s defense helped put the MLS NEXT Pro’s best goal difference at 8. Captain Tallinn Maples scored his second goal last week, along with Sterling Benniston-John and newcomer Mikael, anchoring the midfield. Last week’s match saw the team hit its all-time high, with 25, winning 56.8 percent of duels.

Don’t miss out on Loons

While Minnesota might not look like the world hits based on where it sits in the table, young Loons is second in the MLS NEXT Pro in both goals predicted (13.13) and goals predicted against (4.68) in six games played (according to a soccer ball analysis). American foot). Head coach Kenny Bundy certainly doesn’t ignore this Minnesota team and knows what challenge they will pose. “This is going to be a fun game. This is going to be a match that I am really excited to watch, to train and to be a part of, because they fit very well against us,” Bundy told the media at his weekly press conference. “I think we have a lot of people helping us with different things in All over the league, across the country. We were talking to an analyst and they were a bit ahead of us on the vertical passes. right. I think, you guys have seen all season that we want to be late, we want to push teams back, we want to push hard. They play more vertically than we do. They are as stressful as us. System-wise it’s a little different but this is a team again – there are a lot of teams in this league, and I think you can’t look at their results now. Because certain things happen all season long. But this group will be very good.”

Ready at all times

The Lamar Hunt US Open on Wednesday saw another chance for some Dynamo 2 players to get some first-team time. Midfielder Brooklyn Raines started and strikers Marcelo Palomino and Beto Avila came off the bench in a 1-0 win. Coach Bundy spoke about how important this relationship with the first team is and enabling these players to play and contribute. “You look at it, and you think there’s a lot of confidence in the first team in these guys to really step in and contribute to preparing for the rest of the first team,” Bundy said. “Those are things that we kind of get stuck in. I had a great conversation with a first-team player today about the mentality of players who go down, or get hurt from going up. You know, I think we had a talk yesterday about how players go from first team to second team. How are they? What was their mentality? You know, they really like what they see but they have been good additions to the second team. There is nothing but positive things coming from that but that is the culture we are trying to build between the two groups. And there is a lot to be said about the culture of this team in Dynamo 2, which is every day a chance and an opportunity to prepare yourself when you get your chance with the first team.”

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