“Tomorrow” has reached the New York Rangers after securing a place in the playoff

April 9, 2022; New York, New York, USA; New York Rangers greet fans after the game against the Ottawa Senators at Madison Square Garden. Mandatory credit: Tom Horak-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Rangers snatched their first playoff position since the 2016-17 season. After the final bell sounded in a dominant 5-1 win over the House Senators, my mind set back to early September and what the new coach set.

Gerard Gallant stood on the podium before the start of the training camp and explained his mission. The words used were direct and to the point. Furthermore, there was a reverence in the way he spoke which seemed to resonate with his players from day one.

“It’s going to start tomorrow,” Gallant said in September. “You can’t do playoffs in the next six months, it starts tomorrow.

“Tomorrow is the first day to get ready to play good hockey. We are like any other team. We expect to do playoffs and that’s what our goal is. Cheap talk. You have to prepare to work hard, play hard and prepare every day.”

Gerard Galant led Rangers to the playoffs

“I am excited to officially introduce and welcome Gerard Galant to the New York Rangers,” Chris Drury said after his appointment last summer. “At the beginning of this process, I was looking for a coach with a proven track record and success on several levels. Turk (Galant) checked all these boxes.”

The New York Rangers hired the Galant because it had a battle test after three major training layovers in Columbus, Florida and Vegas. It was his first season with the Golden Knights, as well as his opening campaign, which took him to the Stanley Cup Final in 2018, and he never made it to the capitals.

This move was great, because Gallant from the start instilled a simpler system and faith in his players to get it done.

Unlike his predecessor David Quinn, who had just wet his feet in the NHL, Gallant hasn’t overreacted to every loss or bad play right now. He didn’t scratch players quickly or scratch players he knew the team would need later in the season.

Most importantly, it gave each player a role to play.

Galant allowed his stars to give them the freedom to drive. He let his treadmills grind, and he found ways to bring the Rangers’ first-ever No. 1 pick in the modern era, Alexis Lafreniere’s development time.

“You look at the squad and you see a team that is ready to take the next big step,” Gallant said when he was hired. “I want to be the team that works hard in the league — to work hard, to fight hard, to have other teams say, ‘This team works hard every night. ”

Rangers lead the NHL in winning return in 25. They are in the playoffs – first job done.

New York Rangers don’t hang their hats when they win

New York Rangers
April 9, 2022; New York, New York, USA; New York Rangers left winger Chris Kreider (20) hugs center Micah Zibanegad (93) after a game against Ottawa Senators at Madison Square Garden. Mandatory credit: Tom Horak-USA TODAY Sports

After the Rangers heard the final bell on Saturday evening. The victor took Chris Kreider to his spot at the door and told his teammates as he got off the ice, “Qualifiers.”

With every fist and hug, Kreider was beaming with pride and a sense of accomplishment. But he was also measured for knowing that this is just one step in their real goal this season.

“That was our primary goal as the season approached,” Kreider noted afterwards on MSG. “We have 9 matches left and we will work to improve things.”

The head coach was also very pleased, and admitted that although his team found ways to win early in the season, they didn’t really find their way until December.

“I think somewhere around Christmas when we were playing really well, I think we went 11-1, or something like that in that area,” Gallant explained. “We were playing the right way. At that time they looked at each other and said, ‘I think we have something special,’ and it’s a good group of guys having a lot of fun.”

Just like Kreider before him, Galant repeated the team’s next move.

“It’s not over yet,” he said. “We have 9 big games to play and finish as high as possible.”

And Artemi Panarin, who leads the team in scoring with 88 points in 68 games after a three-point night, sang the same song.

“The team is progressing toward the overall goal,” Panarin said of what everyone thinks – the Stanley Cup.

New York Rangers squad

NHL scores

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