‘Two Greatest Words in Sports’: Phoenix Suns All-Star Devin Booker ‘Excited’ for First Career Game 7 | National

DALLAS – Devin Booker never played a 7 game, but watched his share growing up as a kid with a kid he’ll never forget.

the heat. Tottenham.

The 2013 NBA Finals.

“A completely different beast I can imagine,” Booker said, as LeBron James led Miami bypassing San Antonio to win a second consecutive NBA title.

Now the All-Stars are scheduled to play three times for the Suns in their first Game 7 on Sunday after losing Thursday at Game 6 in Dallas, 113-86, at American Airlines Center.

“It’s exciting,” Booker said. “It’s Game 7. I’ve never been in Game 7. It’s going to be fun.”

Calling Game 7 “two great words in sports,” Booker and the top seed had better drop the fourth-seeded Mavs in Game 6 to punch a ticket to the Western Conference Finals—or achieve a “Suns in 4!” Hymns in the footprint center in Game 2.

“I’d have preferred to sweep them,” Booker said with a laugh, much to the media’s amusement.

Suns goalkeeper Devin Booker kicked past the Muffs Dorian Vinnie Smith during the first half on Thursday.

Phoenix may be relaxing at home waiting for the Grizzly Warriors winner. On Friday, second-seeded Memphis defeated third-seeded Golden State, 3-2.

Instead, the Suns face their own elimination.

“It’s win or go home,” said Chris Paul to the Suns All-Star, who has played seven game 7 games in his career. “I feel like we worked hard like we did all season to get a home yard. Just because you have a home pitch doesn’t guarantee that you will win the game, but we would rather play at home than play here.”

The Suns have a Game 7 in Phoenix as they won four straight games after the season ended with the last three against the Mavericks.

They’ve blown up Dallas by the 30th on Tuesday at the Footprint Center.

They will have two days between matches for the first time in the series.

“We’re going to take an extra day, believe me,” said Paul, who was holding his right hand during the match, but he said it was fine. “The other series got almost three days away. Believe me, we’ll take the extra day.”

However, the Mavericks went through them on Thursday by scoring 29 points from 22 Phoenix turns, shooting 16 of 39 of 3 and limiting the Suns to just 86 points on 39.7% of the shot.

“There were a lot of mistakes,” former Arizona Wildcats star Deandre Ayton said. “It felt like a normal season game with the amount of mistakes we made today. Transformations. Disgusting. Unacceptable. It was the kind of game where it was unacceptable. These guys wanted it more.”

Phoenix now faces Game 7.

“This might be the last game and the only time I ever had that feeling was last year in the finals and we have to accept and embrace it because there’s a Game 7 in Phoenix and we have to give it a go. There is absolutely no room for mistakes in this,” said Eaton.

Winning or ending the historical season prematurely without returning to the finals and ending what they started last season.

“We didn’t have the focus and determination to win a game like this on the road, but we’ll have it the next time we set foot,” Suns coach Monty Williams said.

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