Updates from practice – March 11

Jonathan DrouinAnd Christian Dvorak And Joel Edmondson They were all wearing regular T-shirts, but there is no timeline for returning all of them yet.

During his post-training press conference, interim coach Martin St. Louis noted that Edmondson is “close” to his debut of the season after struggling with a lower back injury and experiencing multiple setbacks in his recovery.

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Weidmann on Edmondson: ‘He treats everyone like a brother’

To say Edmondson is popular among his colleagues is certainly an understatement.

just ask Chris Weidmanwho soon developed a sincere appreciation for fellow blueliner.

“His impact on this team, even when he wasn’t playing, is unbelievable. He’s had a tough year with some personal stuff and some injuries, but I’ve only been around him for two months and I love the guy,” praised Weidmann, who hails from St. Louis where Edmundson won the Cup Stanley in 2019. “He’s like a brother, he treats everyone like a brother, so he’s a huge part of this team and we’re all excited to get him back.”

Video: Chris Weidman talks about Joel Edmondson’s influence on the band

Weidmann was then asked if Edmundson was the future leader, and he answered with a ringing endorsement.

“The guy has won a cup. He’s someone players can look at on the ice, but away from the rink the way guys are attracted to him is very unique. You don’t see that often in this league,” Weidmann stressed. “Men have families and do different things, but Eddie is the guy who will give you the shirt off the back.”

Aside from his outstanding leadership qualities, Edmundson also earned the nickname “Team DJ” – and continued to fulfill his locker room responsibilities during his rehab.

“Even when he’s not playing, he gets down from the press box and sets it up. He’s the guy. He’s so much fun to be around, so we were excited because he was on a trip with the team,” Weidmann said. “He does it all. He’s the best.”

Video: VAN @ MTL: Edmundson rips his house off the blob

Jake Evans Later confirmed it Nick Suzuki He briefly took on Edmondson’s music-related duties while away, but the rearguard was the better of the two.

Evans noted, “Joel always has good music. He always brings good vibes and good energy. It’s a good playlist.” “Last year when he was healthy and playing he would pick everything up. Susie went up, but it’s hard to take a role. Suzy was good, but Eddie, for the most part, was the man of choice.”

Evans on Lehkonen: ‘He’s always trying to bring in some energy’

Arturi Laconin He rides a five-point streak heading into Saturday night’s game against the Seattle Kraken.

He has eight points (6 goals, 2 assists) during that period, including a pair of two-goal games.

With 28 points (13 goals, 15 assists) so far this year, the Finn is just three points away from equalizing his career high for points in a single season.

Evans couldn’t be happier to see his teammate finally enjoy some continued offensive success.

“He was just a great friend of mine. I’ve always loved playing with him. In the locker room, off the ice, he’s one of those guys who’s always having fun. He’s never bothered or annoyed too much,” Evans said. He’s always trying to bring in some energy. On the ice in particular, he’s been playing really well this season. He’s always responsible defensively and always gets some chances, and now they’re starting to get more.” “He’s a guy you can look up to in terms of how hard he works and how good he is in defense, and now he contributes offensively as well. He was just a great player and a great teammate.”

Video: Jake Evans plays alongside Arturi Likonen

Evans is also delighted that his friend is getting attention across the league.

“He’s not known as a scorer or tough guy, but he does all the little things right. Now, he’s being rewarded for it,” added Evans. “At the beginning of the year it was hard for him, but everyone knew he was playing well. It was disappointing for him. He just stuck with him and now he’s starting to get the recognition he deserves. He just worked hard and they finally got in.”

Remember that Laconan went goalless in 19 campaign starts before scoring against Nashville on November 20.

Welcome back, fans!

The Bell Center is back to full capacity with the Kraken in town, so players are stunned.

This is the first time in three months that a large crowd has been able to enter the building.

Josh Anderson He was anxiously anticipating the change of attendance.

“It’s going to be really exciting. I’ve been looking forward to this opportunity for a long time. When I came into the Bale position as a visitor, when I first entered the league, I was always ready for the game and you always had that marked on your calendar, so being in the The house is very interesting,” Anderson noted. “The style of play we’re playing and being consistent, I think our fans will enjoy. I know all the players have talked about that. We’re looking forward to that.”

Video: Josh Anderson at the Bell Center is full again

Like his troops, St. Louis is poised to switch.

He loved playing in Montreal and can’t wait to feel that electricity again, this time from behind the bench.

“It’s good to get the fans back to full capacity,” St. Louis said. “I think that will help us.” “Every time I come here I get goosebumps when I jump on the ice. There is so much history. Just the atmosphere, the fans and the music, I was really excited to play hockey.”

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