What can Detroit Red Wings fans expect from the eighth overall pick?

The Detroit Red Wings will pick eighth overall in the 2022 NHL draft entry. The draft lottery took place Tuesday night, and Detroit stayed eighth instead of dropping a place or two. The Montreal Canadiens were lucky enough to win the lottery, going from playing in the Stanley Cup Final in 2021 to drafting first overall in 2022.

Bill Daly announced the Montreal Canadiens’ No. 1 public draft position during the 2022 NHL Draft Lottery (Photo by Mike Stobe/NHLI via Getty Images)

Here’s a look at the 10 most recent 8th picks to help Red Wings fans manage their expectations of who might be chosen on July 7. Maximize that potential. Some of the players on this list are hard to remember as a possibility, but in all eight players were selected in the hope that they would become franchise-altering players.

2021: Brandt Clark – Los Angeles Kings

It’s too early to talk about how that choice came about, but it looks solid so far. Clarke has been a mystery in his draft year since playing abroad in Slovakia when the Ontario Hockey League (OHL) season was cancelled.

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This season, Clark has scored 59 points in 55 games as a dominant two-way defender for the Barry Colts. While there’s no conclusive statements to be made here, Clarke looks like he’s part of a future Top 4 Defender, on the right no less.

2020: Jack Quinn – Buffalo Sabers

Here’s another pick that’s too early to fully evaluate, but it looks like it was another solid choice. Quinn has been excellent in the AHL, scoring 70 points in 60 games over the past two seasons. He’s part of a stellar youth movement brewing in the Buffalo American Hockey Team (Americans of Rochester) alongside Peyton Crips (who graduated to the NHL after 18 games) and John Jason Petrka.

2019: Philip Broberg – Edmonton Oilers

Here’s another pick that’s a little too early to call a win or a miss, but it looks like a pick in development. . . Good Condition. Broberg has had several strong seasons in the Swedish Hockey League (SHL) since being drafted and has played exceptionally well in the AHL this season, resulting in 23 NHL call-ups.

Edmonton Oilers Wayne Gretzky Philip Broberg Ken Holland
Edmonton Oilers Wayne Gretzky, Philip Broberg and Ken Holland (Canadian Press / Jonathan Hayward)

Broberg could potentially become a top 4 player on the Edmonton Blues streak, considering their lack of well-developed defensive depth. The only thing stopping this selection from being stellar is the group of players recruited shortly after Broberg in 2019, including Trevor Zegras, Vasili Podkolzin, Matthew Boldy, Cole Caufield, Alex Newhook and Peyton Krebs, who were all selected. over the next nine. Anthology. It might be tough for Broberg to live up to the success of the players drafted right after him, but the pick could still potentially be a hit in the grand scheme of Oilers’ picks.

2018: Adam Bockvist – Chicago Blackhawks

I was about to say Boqvist is another pick that it’s too early to make a decision but then realize he’s already played 128 NHL games. Bockvist is only 21 years old but has the potential to become the right-handed Queen Hughes (the player chosen just before him), and an electric offensive defensive man with excellent skating and discus skills. Boqvist was a great pick considering there was no other “unquestionable” first-round prospect other than K’Andre Miller.

2017: Casey Mittelstadt – Buffalo Sabers

This selection did not progress well, as Mittelstadt made a somewhat disappointing start to his NHL career. Entering the junior season, he was expected to battle a fierce rivalry with Elias Peterson of the Vancouver Canucks for the Calder Cup.

Casey Mittelstadt Buffalo Sabers
Casey Mittelstadt, Buffalo Sabers (Photo by Bill Webert/NHLI via Getty Images)

Having only managed to score 25 and Peterson 66, expectations for Mittelstadt are starting to dip a bit. Mittelstadt is likely to be a sixth-place finisher in the NHL, which makes him a bit disappointing for eighth overall, especially considering that Martin Nikas and Nick Suzuki were drafted shortly thereafter at age 12.y and 13yStraight.

2016: Alexander Nylander – Buffalo Sabers

Speaking of Sabers’ prospects with the eighth pick in total with high expectations who were disappointed, let’s talk about Alex Nylander. He was a bit of a disappointment during his first few spells in the AHL, scoring just 55 points in 116 games over two seasons. Since then he has been traded twice and played only 84 NHL games. This choice looks even worse, given that he was soon followed by Mikhail Sergechchev (9y) and Charlie McAvoy (14 .)y).

2015: Zach Ferensky – Columbus Blue Jackets

Zach Werenski’s pick for eighth overall in 2015 was an excellent pick. He’s already won twice in the NHL All-Star and has proven to be a better player out of four of the seven players selected by him in the draft and stands out as one of the best defenders from the 2015 draft stack class. Although this choice was immediately followed by Timo Meier (9y) and Miko Rantanin (10 .)y), I don’t think the Blue Jackets team regrets much of their choice since Werenski ranked #1St In points between the drafted defensemen in 2015 and 11y Points between all players in that draft.

2014: William Nylander – Toronto Maple Leafs

William Nylander might be the eighth best pick of the past decade. Since being drafted in 2014, Nylander has been a dominant force in three of the world’s top professional hockey leagues, the SHL, AHL and now the NHL, with surprisingly little adjustment time required between leagues.

Toronto Maple Leafs William Nylander Boston Bruins Touka Rusk
William Nylander, right-winger of the Toronto Maple Leafs, and Boston Bruins goalkeeper, Touka Rusk, watching the ball puck (Canadian Press / Frank John)

It can be easy to overlook him at times, considering he plays behind stars like Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews, but Nylander has scored a career high of 80 points in 81 games this season and deserves the respect he has earned. He’s an excellent player on a contract deal (just under $7 million a year for two more seasons), and I’m sure the Maple Leafs didn’t regret his eighth pick overall.

2013: Rasmus Restollinen – Buffalo Sabers

Ristolainen has become a polarizing player over the past few years, but in the end, he was still a solid eighth-placed option in 2013. Bo Horvat was picked ninth and although I’m sure he’ll rise in the 2013 rework I doubt regrets will stand out. On choosing a 12-year-old defendery Points among all players in that recruiting category and the second on points among defensemen. Ristolainen has scored 261 points in 608 NHL games, but he also has a plus/minus rating of -172. Overall, Ristolainen was a solid, albeit unsurprising choice.

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2012: Derek Poliot – Pittsburgh Penguins

I had no idea Pouliot was so formulated. Pouliot was a “Tweener” classic during his career, stuck in limbo between the NHL and AHL: too good for the MLS but not good enough for a long-term place in the NHL. He’s been a solid defender, playing over 200 NHL games to date, although the Penguins were certainly hoping for more of the eighth pick. Jacob Troupa and Philip Forsberg were still on the board when Beaulieu was selected, drafted at 9y and 11yStraight.

What can you expect red wings?

So, what have we learned other than the Buffalo Sabers seem to pick 8th overall a lot? Eighth overall seems to be the place where GMs are left to pick high-risk, high-reward players, the kind of players who have an advantage similar to players in the top five but are less likely to do so. to that point.

As for the red wings, who knows? For every William Nylander, there’s Alexander Nylander. Per Zach Werenski, there’s Derrick Pouliot. However, Red Wings general manager Steve Yzerman has built an almost unprecedented level of trust with his fan base, and he recently picked a similar type of high stakes, rewards bonus early on in the first round.

Hardly anyone knew who Moritz Seder was when the draft came up in 2019, but Iserman took the opportunity to finish sixth overall, and already looks like a home pick. If Yzerman could pick someone 8th overall who is half a player like Seider, the Red Wings would have added another excellent young piece to their core.

The way to the draft

Stay tuned for the next month or so as the Red Wings here at The Hockey Writers prepare to provide you with plenty of high-quality coverage of the NHL 2022 entry draft designed specifically for the Detroit Red Wings.

Who is your dream pick with Red Wings in eighth place overall? How could they fall at this point and how could they change Detroit’s view of the future? Sound out in the comments below!

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