What happened to Hollow Knight: Silksong?

Often referred to as the title of Metroidvania action adventures, Hollow Night He saw the light nearly five years ago. The unparalleled success of Team Cherry surprised, and perhaps rightfully so, as the developer’s golden child went on to receive numerous accolades in its first two years of release. When the sequel is titled Hollow Night: SilkSong Finally confirmed, Team Cherry has been keen to keep the community updated regarding its development. However, the initial offer of transparency soon took a dip and many fans were left wondering what happened to the highly anticipated successor.

It was originally designed as a downloadable expansion, Hollow Night: SilkSong It was meant to offer the first true shift in the franchise’s perspective, providing players with a unique opportunity to experience the kingdom of Pharloom through the eyes of a new playable character, Hornet. When Team Cherry began deciphering the ideas they envisioned for DLC, the grim realization that most of them wouldn’t make the reduction left the developer with no choice but to expand on unreleased Kickstarter content, turning it into a full-fledged sequel.

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Critics’ successor Hollow Night It was first revealed in February 2019, when Team Cherry shared a bunch of information about its overall development progress, including some key features of the game and how it relates to the previously announced Kickstarter. More details were published over the remainder of the year, but the series of entries from the developer’s diary eventually fizzled out at the start of 2020. The next Team Cherry appeared in an interview with EDGE magazine about a year later, after which the entire team appeared in Ambient Mode Hollow Night: SilkSong faded into obscurity.

While the recent Nvidia leak proved to be somewhat credible, it didn’t attract fans Hollow Night no rest. Among other AAA and indie titles, SilkSong It might somehow make it to the list. Despite reading its February 2022 release date, the month has passed without any details regarding the game’s development status, let alone any updates on its potential release. However, the latest leak on Steam surfaced with more concrete beta data, although the timeframe that was revealed is hard to grasp.

If the leaked information is anything to go through, Hollow Night: SilkSong It is allegedly slated for release on February 28, 2028. Needless to say, the startling news, no matter how obscure and hesitant, caused an uproar in the community. Fans were dumbfounded but didn’t have much to go on. While some absorbed the idea with a healthy dose of humor, others were overwhelmed with disappointment and refused to give any of these claims a second thought. The fact that the game didn’t appear at this month’s Indie World Showcase contributed to the aftershock, but there is hope for it. SilkSong distance.

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After receiving the Unity award for the most anticipated game of 2021, the developer commented that the team is looking forward to participating SilkSong With the community while hinting that the likely date is very close. Team Cherry stated, “It couldn’t be much longer,” regarding the release of more news. Before resorting to radio silence, the developer had to come forward regarding the unexpected difficulties surrounding game development, which gradually increased with the advent of COVID-19.

Although not much is mentioned in the in-between, the year is still young, and upcoming game shows will give plenty of scope for Team Cherry to finally be surprised. Hollow Night Fans, good news. As a stark contrast to the Steam leak, GOG’s mobile page for SilkSong The 2022 release date was at the beginning of the year. This is in line with newly obtained information about the developer’s position. Until Team Cherry honors the community with a new official status update for the sequel, fans must remember that all good things take time.

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