What is the hardest game stretch for the 49ers table?

The 49ers now know the structure of their regular season schedule.

And with any NFL schedule, there are easy and hard stretches. For this article, I’m going to outline the 49ers’ toughest stretch this season. Whether you’re facing two elite teams back-to-back on the road, or facing a game of trap in a short week. 49ers will definitely have their bouts for a series of games.

So what has been the toughest period of matches in the 49ers schedule?

Honestly, this year’s schedule seems to be the scariest in recent memory. There isn’t necessarily a bunch of games the 49ers are up against that made me wonder how they’d handle it. The only extension of games that I can currently imagine causing trouble from more 49ers is Week 7 to 11. And even this range of games has 49 players making it to the farewell week in the middle, so they’ll be able to catch themselves if they slip.

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