Why is the entire Miami Dolphin’s offensive line sucking so badly!

I can see how bad the O line is, you can see it. But what is the reason? Why is the entire Miami Dolphin’s offensive line sucking up so badly?

Is it training, exploratory, drafting, or blueprint? I wanted to do some research to get a little perspective on why the Miami Dolphin’s O-line is so terrible. First, I went to focus on professional football to see exactly how our O streak rated.

Turns out, our eyes weren’t deceiving us, the Dolphins have the worst streak in the NFL according to pff.com and Sam Monson’s article titled “The 2021 NFL Final Offensive Rankings.”

Second, I wanted to see the overall draft status of our streak compared to another higher ranked team. I chose New England because I think they can train well, and I hate him as I do, Peleshit has an excellent eye for talent.

O-line in New England is ranked 9th overall.

Draft status and pff score for New England font are as follows:

NE Draft Round One (23 overall) LT Isaiah Wynn Score: 74.5
NE Draft Round Six LG Ted Karras Score: 73.0
NE Uncut Free Agent C David Andrews Score: 77.5
Northeast Fourth Round Draft Pick RG Shaq Mason Score: 86.3
Trade with the choice of RT Trent Brown Grade: 78.3

What PFF’s Sam Monson said about them:

The New England Patriots are one of the few teams in the NFL with all of five good starts up front and backup talent on the bench. Michael Onweno has boasted an 88.6 PFF since entering the league, and has played across multiple positions, but the team has put him on the bench this season once everyone was healthy. Trent Brown allowed nine presses in nine games and has yet to record a bad season to block passes in the NFL. Chuck Mason in the right guard is back to being one of the best running blockers in the league, allowing 15 presses in 15 games.

Miami’s O line ranked 32nd overall.

Draft status and pff score for the Miami font include:

MIA Round Two (34 overall) LT Liam Eichenberg Score: 50.7
MIA’s First Round Pick (18 overall) LG Austin Jackson Grade: 49.9
MIA Third Round with Choice C Michael Dieter Score: 60.6
MIA’s second-round pick (39 overall) RG Robert Hunt Grade: 67.4
Free Agent Gain Without Drafting RT Jesse Davis Score: 52.5

What PFF’s Sam Monson said about them:

Miami’s offensive line has succumbed to 235 league-leading pressures this season and has recorded the worst pass blocking efficiency result in the NFL. The unit did this despite being well protected by the midfielder who got off the ball quickly and by the team that runs the third-highest number of RPOs in the league. The offensive line ran into roughly one in five pass tackles, eliminating the chance of being hit in pass protection. Miami bet that its young players would improve this season and that the streak would improve, but that was undoubtedly counterproductive.

New England has one first player and the next highest is the fourth invested all-rounder in their O streak. Miami has a first, two seconds, and third invested in an offensive line that ranks last in the league. Dolphins didn’t have a single streak score above 68 and New Englanders didn’t have a single streak score below 73. What a _ _!

Researching this article has made me so angry at our incompetence in terms of the offensive line that I want it to roll. Ah, but whose head? Who are we as fans who are crazy about this?

Back to the same questions as Ole. Is grumpy scruffy, is our survey section bad, is the training bad, or is the scheme just not right for the players we drafted?

I’m dumping the chart because after you’ve been drafted that high you should be able to get a better PFF score regardless of the chart. So, the culprits are training or scouting / drafting.

In either case, this kind of regulatory infraction should be inadmissible to higher officials; aka Jarir must be smoked

If our scouts are not good, we should double the salaries of our offensive line scouts than any other team and fire our team – all the staff?

Is it possible that our former offensive coaches were so bad that they spoiled our talented players? Is that part of the reason they decided to break up with Flores?

As an outside fan, I think it was training (although if you tell me guys are bad, I think so too). Not sure who to blame…

As of now, I have two solutions.

1. Don’t recruit another offensive line man (because it looks like it’s pointless anyway). And, 2. If the O-line does not have a rapid improvement under the new training, Grier needs to expel himself and all the O-line scouts too!

Let’s all hope that better training and a different regimen will improve our play on the O Line! Hey, it can’t get any worse…. can it?

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