Dallas Stars First Round Preview vs Calgary Flames

The Dallas Stars are back in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Fans rejoiced when they snatched the ice at home on Wednesday. There are 16 comma spots and the star is the fifteenth. Their reward is to play Calgary Flames as an opponent in the first round. The Arizona Wolves broke out against the Nashville Predators at the eleventh hour. Return 4-0 in the last game of the season to win 5-4 set matches. This means that the stars play fire while the predators get the Colorado Avalanche. The Stars return to the Pacific Division once again against a powerful opponent in Flames. In front of the stars is a difficult road. Here’s a look at the Stars/Flames Round One.


The Superstars qualified when regulation time ended against the Arizona Coyos in Game 81. They blew up a 3-0 lead before the third game and lost in overtime. This loss of mood did not dampen because they were still snatched. They got the last point that eliminated the Vegas Golden Knights. Everything points to a match with the avalanche. The Predators scored four goals in the first seven minutes of their game in Arizona. Even if they only get one point, that means they’ll play Calgary instead as Wildcard #1. Coyote made his way back to score five unanswered goals to set matches.

Calgary is deadly

Calgary has a team that knows how to start fires offensively. Their top streak scored 124 goals. 10 players have scored 10 or more goals this season. Their goal difference is the second best at +85. They are the third best player in goals against. Two of his players scored more than 100 points. They can score and block scoring.


The bruise to watch for is Milan Lucic. Fire players know how to throw the blow. It is worth noting that these teams met in 2020 by winning the stars in six matches. If you remember that streak, the Flames were seconds away from a 3-1 lead until Joe Pavelski tied in Match 4. Johnny Goudreau, Matthew Tkachuk, and Elias Lindholm are big threats score at will. Jacob Markstrom also has a 2.22 GAA, the third best goalkeeper to have played more than 10 games. Jake Oettinger has a lot of things coming towards him over the next four to seven games. His score wasn’t bad either with 2.53 GAA.

This is Jason Robertson’s first time in the playoffs and it’s time to shine. His 41 goals this year led the stars. Depth recording can also play a factor. Andrew Mangiapane was a threat in the recent qualifying series. Another thing is the longevity of the Flames players. Four Stars players played 82 matches. Eight of the Flames players played the 82, and the other three played the 80th and 81st. The stars have a tough challenge ahead.

If the stars win

Let’s say the stars win. The stars are a Pacific Division contender now. They play the winner of the Edmonton Oilers and Los Angeles Kings series. The Dallas Stars did not play in the playoffs against the Kings (the Minnesota North Stars did in 1968). It’s a different story against the Oilers.

This year is different

Saying this year looks very different but we’ve never seen qualifying like this before. All eight supplement teams in the Eastern Conference scored over 100 points for the first time in history. The stars have 98 points. Anything can happen in the playoffs and remember it lasts a full two months. Lots of stories will unfold until then but who knows who will play in the Stanley Cup Final.

This is the first All-Star playoff since Game Six of the 2020 Stanley Cup Final. We all remember how long the journey has been. The American Airlines Center hosts two playoff games at the same time with the Dallas Mavericks as well. Expect the building to be swingy for both teams. Sports fans in Dallas are looking for another champion for the second time this century.

The Superstars begin their series Against the Flame on Tuesday, May 3rd.

Image source: Dallas Stars Twitter

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