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DHS advanced to the quarter-finals on Tuesday against Steamboat

Emery Miller hugged Durango striker Sarah Somrac, 15, after Somrac kicked a corner kick for Saturday’s goal against Montrose. DHS won the second round of the State Class 4A playoffs, 6-0, at DHS. (Cody Olivas/Durango Herald)

The Durango High School girls’ soccer team exploded five goals in the first half Saturday in the second round of the state’s Class 4A playoffs against Montrose and won the game 6-0.

The Demons will now host Steamboat Springs in the quarterfinals on Tuesday night at DHS. Steamboat beat Mullen 2-1 on Saturday.

Against Montrose, Sarah Sumrac led the Durango attack and earned a DHS on the scoreboard just two minutes into the match. Sumrac took a pass from Riley Campbell, drove deep with the ball and then beat the Montrose guard.

“This has been a huge time for her self-confidence,” Melissa Halonen, coach of DHS, said, noting that they had been two games since her last goal.

The first goal was to open the flood gates of Somrac on Saturday. She ended up scoring four goals in the game to lead Durango.

However, Mason Rowland scored the team’s next goal. Adi Neiman put in a long free kick in the penalty area, behind Montrose’s defense, and Roland flew, jumped and headed the ball into the net before Montrose’s goalkeeper could get it.

Montrose attempted to respond with a long shot, but DHS goalkeeper Jocelyn Fair managed to choke the ball.

In the 25th minute, Roland hit a throw-in about 40 yards on goal. Montrose’s goalkeeper managed to block the shot, but it rebounded out of bounds and Durango got a corner kick.

Durango striker Sarah Somrac scores in a corner kick on Saturday against Montrose. (Cody Olivas/Durango Herald)

Somrak took the corner from the left side of the field and sent her high kick into the side net to score the score.

Later in the first half, Montrose grabbed a corner kick and almost got on the board. Neiman, however, was stationed at the far post and managed to block Montrose’s shot.

“That was huge for us, because once they signed up, it could change the whole thing,” Halonen said, adding, “It was great to get closure today.”

Then McKayla Wyman led 5-0. Wyman took a pass from Roland and did well to make a move into Montrose’s defense and scored in a contested shot with a 9:43 left in the first half.

Sarah Somrac scored her fourth goal, the second with her left foot, on Saturday against Montrose in the second round of the state’s Class 4A playoffs at DHS. (Cody Olivas/Durango Herald)

Then Somrak scored the sixth goal for the Devils after 12 minutes of the second half. Emre Miller passed the ball to Somrac, who fired a shot with her left foot. Montrose’s goalkeeper held his hand, but the ball continued to roll and found the net.

With another playoff on the horizon, Durango’s bench players got plenty of playing time in the second half and kept putting pressure on Montrose. Reserve goalkeeper Riley Dustrup also saved in the 3rd minute to maintain the closure.

Emery Miller stands behind the Montrose defense on Saturday during the second round of the state’s Class 4A qualifiers at DHS. (Cody Olivas/Durango Herald)

This is Durango’s third victory over Montrose this season, as it was preceded by a 5-1 and 3-1 victory. “It’s hard to beat a team three times in one season,” Halonen said. “But we talked about it and said it was the second season, so it was our first time playing.” The loss ends 14th-seeded Montrose’s season at 11-6 overall.

The No. 3 ranked Devils, now 15-2 overall, will play another familiar opponent in Steamboat No. 6 (14-2) in Tuesday’s quarterfinals. DHS beat Steamboat 2-0 earlier this season, but Steamboat beat DHS in the playoffs last year, so both teams will be looking for some revenge.

However, The Demons will enjoy Saturday’s win for a moment before returning to play.

“I am so proud of the girls,” Halonen said. “Not only because of their ability to play football, but to build their community people want to be a part of by supporting and encouraging each other. This is a priority for us.”

Peyton Sioba prepares to pass the ball Saturday against Montrose. (Cody Olivas/Durango Herald)

Adi Nieman hugs Sarah Somrac, 15, after Somrac scored a corner kick to give Durango a 3-0 lead over Montrose on Saturday. (Cody Olivas/Durango Herald)

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