How Celtics’ Jaylen Brown climbed up the fourth quarter again in Game 2’s win over the Nets: ‘He’s a tough, tough driver’

BOSTON – While everyone expected the superstars to dominate at some point on Wednesday, it wasn’t easy going for some of the league’s top scorers.

Kevin Durant was getting close to the goal line, but the shots didn’t fall. Kyrie Irving was nearly invisible for extended periods of time on Wednesday. Jason Tatum was providing assists, but his appearance was conspicuous.

But she clicked on Jaylen Brown in the fourth quarter.

The Celtics were still trying to beat the Nets early in the fourth quarter as they were down by as much as seven points. That’s when Brown put in a 10-point fourth quarter while Tatum sprinkled in his contributions by seven. The final result was the victory of the Celtics in the second game, 114-107, to advance 2-0 at the net.

“Just being aggressive,” Brown said. “I think Brooklyn is doing a good job of trying to get me out of place and attacking places I want to attack. Quarter four, though, everyone’s starting to dwindle a little bit, a little tired. That’s when we’re looking to move forward a little bit.”

This was the second straight game that Brown had climbed in the last quarter. He had a relatively quiet three quarters in Sunday’s win over the Nets, but was an important part of winning by one point. Brown also hit the bucket from second to last as he went straight to Bruce Brown to bring him down to one point in the Celtics.

Brown’s late tournaments were significant Wednesday in his second game win. But the rest of the Celtics stepped up, whether it was Grant Williams’ Payton Pritchard. While Boston coach Aime Odoka didn’t mess around much with his game plan, the Celtics finally broke through in the fourth quarter. This effect started with aggressive brown.

“We spaced them out a little differently in the second half and kept the greatest of them off the field, so there’s more room to attack,” Odoka said. “When he (Brown) gets off the slopes he’s such a strong, strong driver that he either scores or plays right, and he did that in the second half.”

Brown, like Tatum, affected the match apart from scoring. He made six assists and had three steals, although that was paired with four turnovers. The Nets’ defensive play plan focused on stopping the likes of Tatum and Brown as they removed paint to make it difficult to drive on weaker defenses from the periphery.

Although the team’s scoring numbers were high over two games, it was mostly tough for the Celtics and Nets’ top scorers. This is by design as both defenders have planned the game the best way to slow them down.

But as the stakes increased in the fourth quarter, the Celtics triumphed in both attempts against the Nets.

“Having Jaylen Brown makes a huge difference versus not having him like last year,” Tatum said. “He’s a competitor. And I know that; we all know that. So it’s that time of year. We’re all ready to do whatever it takes to win.”

The Celtics have two more days before the Nets for Game 3 game, set for 7:30 p.m. Saturday at Barclays Center. There will be more mods between games, similar to how the Nets have beefed up their physicality in Game 2 compared to the Opener.

If current trends continue, Brown should be a major weapon for the Celtics again in the fourth quarter, although he will likely get hot early on.

“We take it one game at a time,” Brown said. “That’s kind of how we look at it and that’s all that matters. You can’t look forward. You can’t look behind you. We just have to focus on what’s ahead and this streak is not over yet.”

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