Justin Fields Challenge from the 2022 Chicago Bears schedule

The 2022 schedule facing Bears quarterback Justin Fields would either cause him problems or challenge him to improve, depending on your viewpoint.

Think the Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills, and Green Bay Packers.

The Fields and the Bears passing attack will go against the passing defenses that have given a lot of team bouts in the past year, although generally not a huge number of top pass defences. It’s just that they face the best in it.

Bills was ranked first in percentage of completion allowed (56%), quarterback rating against (65.3) and fifth in objections (19). Patriots came second in the three categories (23 interceptions, 73.3 pass rate, 59.3 completion rate). The Cowboys were ranked first in interceptions (26), third in the QB rating versus (76.6) and completion percentage (59.5).

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