Kalia Davis, Drake Jackson, Tyrion Davis-Pryce and more

Well, it’s an unofficial award, but sixth-round pick Kalia Davis earned an A-for-honesty at the San Francisco 49ers rookie small camp this week.

Switching an unusual situation in Central Florida, Davis switched from linebacker to defensive tackle, and was asked on Friday how he transformed his body to deal with the rigors of playing in the trenches.

Implication: Davis rallies by lifting weights. Fact: Davis was boosted by lifting pots.

“Well, I really went from linebacker to the D line because my body was changing,” Davis said with a smile. “I’ve gained a little extra weight.”

Perhaps Davis, who measured 6ft 302lbs in the NFL, needs to distribute his weight better in the NFL.

A pre-poll report from NFL.com noted that Davies’ “conditioning issues” surfaced in the second half of games and quoted the AFC’s director of scouts for the same note: “The team needs to have good nutrition and a conditioning plan to be a 60-minute professional.” This is the next step, because he has a lot of talent.”

That talent is why the 49ers took something out of the sixth round on Davis, the 220th pick to recover from a tattered ACL he suffered in October after he pulled out of the 2020 season due to the pandemic.

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