New York Rangers Trade Classes: Untouchable until available this season

November 5, 2021; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; New York Rangers striker Philip Sheetle (72) celebrated a first-half goal against the Edmonton Oilers at Rogers Place. Mandatory credit: Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Rangers are off to a great start to their season. They are 16-4-3 for 35 points which is tied for the second highest number of points in the team’s first 23 games.

With a good .761 point percentage for the second-best in the NHL after only Florida’s 771, this team actually has a 97.7% chance of making the playoffs. This is higher per MoneyPuck.

President and General Manager, Chris Drury is in no rush to make a deal, but has been reported to be in the market for a mid-six attacker. He also has his sights set on a potential upgrade to the pair’s bottom defense and another backup goalkeeper.

Of course, you have to give to get and that’s what this article is about. I will rank each player on the list and some of the younger players to determine which one is most likely to be used to improve the team.

New York Rangers Trade Classes: Untouchables

The castaway layer is very straight forward. These players are the foundation of the team this season, and a lot of them go above and beyond.

  • Adam Fox
  • Alexis Lafreniere (ELC)
  • Artemi Panarin (NMC)
  • Barclay Goudreau (NMC-Modified)
  • Braden Schneider (ELC)
  • Brennan Othman (ELC)
  • Chris Kreider (NMC)
  • Igor Shesterkin
  • Jacob Tropa (NMC)
  • K’Andre Miller (ELC)
  • Cabo Kaku (RFA)
  • Kevin Rooney (UFA)
  • Mika Zipanjad (NMC)
  • Ryan Lindgren
  • Ryan Reeves

This list is larger than it has been in recent years because the team is about to compete for the Stanley Cup. One notable example of a player who would be on the block if the Rangers were a playoff team on the border line was UFA commentator Kevin Rooney. Even if the team doesn’t bring it back, it’s more valuable in the playoff round than picking the draft mid-to-mid.

Two prospects are also on the untouchables list in Brennan Usman and Braden Schneider. The organization is looking to be the future replacements for Chris Kreider and Jacob Tropa by the 2024 season.

If the deal is right – maybe

Philip caught
November 18, 2021; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; The Toronto Maple Leafs team left Pierre Engvall (47) with the heart of the New York Rangers Philip Chettle (72) during the second half at Scotiabank Arena. Mandatory credit: Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

The era of the flat cap and the presence of a robust pipeline has made expectations even more important. This season, you’ll see your ‘Maybe’ list is full of them.

  • Dryden Hunt
  • Philip Shettle
  • Julien Gautier (RFA)
  • Laurie Bagonemy (ELC)
  • Matthew Robertson (ELC)
  • Morgan Barron (ELC)
  • Nils Lundqvist (ELC)
  • Ryan Strom (UFA)
  • Sammy Bliss (RFA)
  • Will Quill (English Language Centre)
  • Zach Jones (ELC)

This is always the most interesting level of assembly. With Rangers likely to be NHL trade deadline buyers for the first time in a long time, it could take someone from this group to make a big move.

Players such as Filip Chytil, Nils Lundkvist, Morgan Barron and Zac Jones qualify as the If Fit side of this group. Others like Ryan Strom and Julien Gauthier are only here because of the “maybe” factor. Both have decades to come and Rangers need to determine the best course of action. The same goes for the injured Sami Bliss.

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Bait trading – likely to be traded

In this group of players we have some interesting names that Rangers might consider “available”. Some of the guys here are probably as good as going with Vitaly Kravtsov up front.

  • First round pick in the 2022 draft
  • Alexander Georgiev (RFA)
  • Greg McCaig
  • Jared Tenordi
  • Keith Kinkade (UFA)
  • Libor Hajek (RFA)
  • Patrick Nemeth (NTC – Modifier)
  • Vitaly Kravtsov (ELC)

There has been a lot of talk that Rangers are now looking to bring back Ryan Strom. With Kabu Kaku also needing to sign, it should mean the end of Alexander Georgiev’s tenure with Rangers either on the deadline or on the draft. Same for Patrick Nemeth, but unless Rangers can upgrade their place in defense, it’s likely to be a day trading bargain.

Rangers will likely buy a lease on deadline, and the price for that is always a first-round pick. Vitaly Kravtsov is likely to be traded after the KHL season ends.

Vitaly Kravtsov

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