NMA Staff Picks: Best FPL Differential for the DGW-37

For FPL managers hoping to make up, the time will be now or never be. A smart spread can be just the ticket. Read our employee picks and then answer the survey!

Hard to believe, but as I write this, we are only eight days away from the last Sunday of the 2021-22 EPL campaign. If you’ve been sitting pretty in your mini-leagues, you’re probably planning to stick to playing it safe to see it. But if you’re chasing, that means you’re running out of time to jump the rankings, and you’ll have to get out of the group with some of your choices.

If you’re in the second camp, fear not—we’ve polled our staff to pick their best under-the-radar options for the DGW-37, and we’ve given you a survey so you can finally participate.

Good luck and good luck.

David: Vitaly Mikolenko (£4.9m, Everton)

The dual player seems to be an obvious choice, so I wouldn’t try to be kind to picking one player. I don’t like Burnley in general, nor Clarett’s match against Tottenham in particular, so I avoid them. With little play left for Patrick Vieira’s mansion, the coach recorded that he would use the Blood Academy players match. Brendan Rodgers could do the same with the Leicester squad, so I’m mostly out of the Eagles and the Foxes too. Our ‘differential’ definition of <5% ownership further narrows the set of multipliers by excluding attractive choices such as mate cash (£5.3 million), Lucas Denny (£5.0 million), Philip Coutinho (£7.1 million), Olly Watkins (£7.5 million), Danny accomplished (£7.7 million), Anthony Gordon (£6.2 million), and Richarlison (7.6 million pounds sterling).

But relegation-threatened Everton are reaching their level at just the right time, collecting 11 points in their last six games to lift the cliff face to the brink of safety in the Premier League. The Toffees have always been better at home this season, and this week they are enjoying two such games against a favorable contender (Brentford and Crystal Palace) at Goodison Park. So my pick for the best GW-37 differential is Vitaly Mikulenko. owned by less than 1% From the FPL managers, this regular start for the upcoming defender coincided with Everton’s improved level. So with Frank Lampard battling for survival, the rising Ukrainian star should be set to go into two full shifts this week. Since cementing his place in the starting line-up eight games ago, he has averaged 4,625 points per game, with a recent shift in the squad to a right-back who helped him score a goal plus assist as well as three Clean sheets.

Chris: Mason Holgate (£4.2m, Everton)

A must have DGW player for me. Of the teams that have played twice, only Burnley and Everton have something left to play for so he would be sure to jog in the starting line-up both times (except for injury or suspension of course). With Everton at home twice versus Burnley’s away game twice, and with more favorable matches for the Toffees team, I will be involved with one of the Everton players.

Anthony GordonAnd Dimari Gray And Richarlison They are the only Everton Strikers worth owning, but they are all selected over 5%, so they don’t qualify for the “spreads”. Likewise goalkeeper Jordan Pickford. Through the elimination process, I turn to defense. I like him Vitaly Mikulenko Because it offers a triple threat (goal/assist/clean sheet), and because it costs just £4.9m. similarly, Michael King Not a bad game at £4.6m, but his place could be threatened if see Mina Appropriate passes for the second match. So at the bargaining basement price of just £4.2m, Mason Holgate (Currently in 1.2% only Picking FPL) and going back to 13 points in the DGW-36 seems the best difference. Holgate also offers offensive appeal, having scored two goals plus one assist in 1,863 minutes this season.

Booth: Harvey Barnes (£6.5m, Leicester)

I have to pick a DGW player, so I’m going to suggest you pick a player who’s been a trap a few times this season: Harvey Barnes.

There’s a risk he didn’t start twice, but injury permitting, he’s definitely playing 120+ minutes over the two games. His midweek win over Norwich saw him provide assists and he looks more lively than he’s been for a while. Of course he won’t play for Norwich, and both games are away, but the Foxes start against relegated Watford with a number of players who know they won’t be there next season. The second game is against a recently weakened Chelsea side who may have the FA Cup hangovers to deal with and the need to rest the big names for the last game of the season.

Barnes can be explosive and is currently owned by 3.5% of FPL directors.

Paul: Emiliano Buendia (£6.1m, Aston Villa)

HIGH RISK, HIGH REWARD: Villa have two decent home matches with Ramsey still out and Watkins has no doubts, so Buendia should have been at the start or twice, especially after he was reduced to appearances last. Buendia’s play recently has been impressive – in his last start in the first game of the DGW-36, he earned a goal plus assist, plus another assist in another cameo appearance in GW-35. His ownership is very low, but he might be lucky. I’ll bet him on my wildcard team.

PPQ: Alex Iwobi (£5.8m, Everton)

I’m with Chris that the Everton defender is a good way to go, but I will add Iwobi to the list of potential differential options. He has achieved his two best results of the season in his last two matches. He is currently (and rightly) Owned by only 0.2% The difference is 5.8 pounds. He’s been a player for a week and a week as Everton fight for survival, and now he has two home games against the mid-table teams.

The man: Nathaniel Klein (£4.3, mansion)

I would have gone with one of the Everton defenders, all of whom have very low ownership (which was not surprising as they were a liability until recently). All new rookies have a good chance of playing twice, and they have good equipment, but since others have put their case so eloquently, I would choose a defender from a different team, not only in Less than 1% ownershipBut it’s also very cheap.

Klein has been in excellent shape lately, and this has continued even though Palace has eliminated the risk of relegation. 20 points in his last three assists games and getting an extra point each time he indicates his head hasn’t hit shore yet.

The Palace games aren’t the easiest, and they’re both far from home, but they aren’t really difficult, and Palace hasn’t given up much lately.

Olaconley: Conor Roberts (£4.4, Burnley).

Burnley are locked in a three-way battle with Everton and Leeds perplexed to avoid being the third team to actually join the already-defeated Watford and Norwich in the tournament next season. Clarett has improved since Jackson was hired as coach, and Roberts has become one of the team’s standout players. The right-back entered the squad effortlessly, scoring his first goal for the club in the match against Southampton. Burnley face Tottenham and Aston Villa at DGW-37, so sticking to the clean sheet could be crucial to getting anything out of either game. Who do you know? Roberts may appear with another goal contribution.


Which player is the best differential for the DGW-37?

  • 51%
    Vitaly Mikulenko

    (48 votes)

  • 21%
    Emiliano Buendia

    (20 votes)

  • 8%
    Nathaniel Klein

    (8 votes)

94 votes total

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Have you been looking for an FPL differential to make a late move against your rivals? What do you think of our choices? Who are you looking forward to? Please log in and share your thoughts in the comments!


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