Oilers vs. Kings Game 7: Live scores, updates, first round summaries of the 2022 NHL Playoffs

The first round will be decided between The Oilers vs. Kings at Game 7 on Saturday in Edmonton.

The series did not go as many expected. The Kings jumped to the top 3-2 thanks to winner Adrian Kempe OT in Game 5, but Oilers responded with a 4-2 win in Game 6, thanks to a late goal from Tyson Barry, until the series.

Conor MacDavid has done everything in his power to get the Oilers in a position to advance. He has 12 points in six games, and tied with Panthers’ Carter Verhaghi for the playoff lead. Mike Smith was solid against Edmonton, with a 2.67-to-average and 0.931 save percentage.

On the flip side, the Kings were getting production from a number of players. Kimbee leads the way with six points. Philip Danault and Trevor Moore have five each.

The Kings are looking for their first winning streak since 2014 while a producing oil well tries to qualify for the second round for the first time since 2017.

Sporting News will provide live updates and highlights from the scheduled Western Conference Qualifier Series.

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second period

11:35 pm: The game’s first power-up goes to Edmonton. Shawn Dorzy heads for comment. The Oilers’ bragging power play begins.

11:33 pm: Goal! Finally, the Oilers team has broken down the code that is Jonathan Quick. An exceptional possession shift from McDavid’s streak ends with Cody Ceci tearing up a shot from Quick on the short side. 1-0 otteres with just over 6:30 per second. Edmonton was dominant in this game and finally it’s on the board.

11:25 pm: The Oilers almost scored, but the Kings kept them clear. Andreas Athanasiou appears to have passed the puck far from crossing the goal line. Great play there by the striker, still 0-0 more than halfway through the second.

11:23 pm: Each oiler to start the second. Chance after serendipity, but Jonathan Quick stops it all now.

Halftime ends: Oilers 0, Kings 0

10:47 PM: The end of the first, there are no points after one. The oilers dominated early on, but the kings started to take over and had better chances in the end.

10:26 pm: A possible penalty for a high stick, but after reviewing, they decided it was friendly fire on Josh Archibald. It was his teammate’s wand that hit Archibald in his mouth, causing blood to ooze.

10:21 pm: Oilers control early play. A couple of powerful lunges by the Oilers attack, by the Kings either blocking shots or the attempts have gone too far. Los Angeles takes the first shot on target after more than eight minutes.

before the match

9:30 pm: The good news for Oilers is that it looks like Draisaitl will play. Jay Woodcroft avoided the question when asked about it earlier in the day.

What channel is Oilers vs. Kings Game 7?

  • Date: Saturday 14 May
  • TV Channel: ESPN (US), Sportsnet, CBC, TVA Sports (Canada)
  • Live broadcast: sling tv

Oilers vs. Kings Game 7 will air on ESPN in the US. In Canada, the game will be broadcast on Sportsnet and CBC in English and TVA Sports in French.

Viewers in the US can stream every NHL playoff game live on Leverage TV. With the Orange Sling Sports package, they get $10 a month for the first time with access to ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 and TNT. An NHL playoff simulcast on ABC on ESPN3, which is included with Sling Orange, and is available for $35 per month ($25 the first month for new subscribers).

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Oilers vs Kings Game 7 start time

  • Date: Saturday 14 May
  • time: 10 PM ET | 7 PM Pacific Time

Game 7 of the Oilers vs. series will start. Kings after 10 PM ET Saturday 14 May. The match will take place at Rogers Place in Edmonton.

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Oilers vs Kings Game 7 Possibilities

Oiled: -205

Kings: +171

The odds presented by Sports Interaction

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