Recap of Brendan Brisson’s Golden Knights performance for Team USA

The Vegas Golden Knights were unable to send anyone to the Olympics due to NHL protocol restrictions and protocol rules. Despite their annoyance, the Knights were still able to get one of the best candidates, Brendan Bryson, on the world’s largest stage.

The Golden Knights would likely have had quite a few players representing their countries had the NHL not denied them this opportunity. However, the Knights managed to get the best player out there so that he could play against the best competition in the world.

Brendan Bryson was a former first-round pick of the Vegas Golden Knights and is currently at the University of Michigan finishing his four years before transferring to the Golden Knights. Personally, I can’t wait.

Before we get started on how he performs, let’s talk a little bit about Bryson and what we know about him.


Brendan Bryson is currently a winger for the University of Michigan and the growth he’s had as a player there is amazing. However, one thing that stands out with Brisson is his game’s similarities with previous Wolverine, and current Golden Knight, Max Pacioretty.

Bryson who currently plays on the wing with the previous second overall pick by the Seattle Kraken, Matthew Benners. Furthermore, he was also on the 5th overall pick streak by Columbus Blue Jackets, Kent Johnson. Between playing with these two, scoring was very easy for him.

Bryson is currently playing for Team USA in the Olympics and is doing well. He played three matches and scored two goals. Which is, as you can tell, a small sample size. But the fact that he scores promising goals.

But, let’s talk about the player we have at Brendan Bryson and why I feel he should be compared to Max Pasuritti.

Bryson is an average speed skater, but the style he plays doesn’t require speed. So, as far as I’m concerned, it’s outdated. Now, I’d be lying if I told you I’m not a Michigan fan. But the way I choose to look at it is the fact that I know his game so well.

Bryson, while not necessarily the best snowboarder and doesn’t have a big frame to him, does play a great offensive game. With a single timer that pops up from the screen, a great wrist shot, a great shot, and the ability to find corners and steer the dial with misinterpretations with angles.

With that shot he’s known for making him a major threat to PP1 to watch. Again with it being a top-tier one timer, it needs to be monitored at all times.

The only thing he needs to work on is his penchant for trying and finesse on points. There were times during the games when he tried to do too many things or did unnecessary play that led to the breakup or having to start the breakup again.

The talent is there and he has a natural act of scoring, but he will likely need a year in the AHL to adjust some of his tendencies before he gets a chance in the NHL with the Golden Knights.

How did Brendan Bryson perform for Team USA?

Brendan Bryson played in four games for Team USA during the 2022 Olympics, and he performed as expected. Well from a production standpoint.

In his four matches with the US team, Bryson scored two goals, but did not get an assist. Now, that’s not really that shocking as his playing style definitely caters to his shot, but it’s still good to see him take this opportunity to show his passing ability. However, it still performs well regardless.

Given the small sample size, it’s really hard to get a lot of games, but from what we can tell, it played really well. Hopefully this serves as a starting point as he continues to develop his game.

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