RG3 believes the leaders can be the surprise contenders for the Super Bowl

“I’ll say it: The Washington leaders have a ‘surprising Super Bowl rival’ written on them,” said Griffin (H/R Bejan Todd of NBC Sports Washington). “The reason they go and get Carson Wentz is because if he plays as he played last year, they would be At least in the play-off because he was better than the midfield they played last year.”

Griffin highlights that Wentz is a promotion for leaders in the quarterback. He adds that if he can recreate his MVP-like 2017 season magic, Washington will be a threat to the Super Bowl.

But Wentz isn’t the only reason Griffin is ahead of Washington. Denotes a wide receiving team and a talented defensive line.

Loaded on a wide receiver — scary Terry (McLaurin), they’ve got healthy Curtis Samuel and Jahan Dotson who just drafted from Pennsylvania,” said Griffin III. “And that defensive line: Chase Young, Montez Sweet, Darron Payne, Jonathan Allen, Vidarian Mathis, who just drafted, right? That defensive line should come out.”

Wentz is on his third team in three years. This will be a defining year for him after being traded for back-to-back seasons. The leaders are excited about the new quarterback and added another wide receiving option for Terry McLaurin with Jahan Dotson in the first round of the NFL Draft last month.

However, concerns remain about the health of wide receiver Curtis Samuel after his first-year injury in Washington last season.

The defensive line was a huge disappointment last season. However, it is hard to imagine that it could be worse next season. However, the biggest question mark is 2020 Defensive Rookie of Year Chase Young, who is recovering from a ruptured ACL.

Washington has quite a few questions going into next season. Griffin does not deny these concerns. However, the list has a great deal of untapped potential.

But if they can get all of these ‘ifs’—and there are a lot of things they have to agree together—their list is stacked, the best list Washington has had in at least the last ten years,” said Griffin III. “They don’t bring in Carson. Wentz if they’re not trying to win the Super Bowl. They pay him a boatload of money. If they can get an idea of ​​what a player’s best season is out of him, that would put them in the playoff competition — not just competing for the playoff but competing to win the Super Bowl.”

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