Stone and Pacioretty weren’t the same for Golden Knights

Injuries are something that is not easy to come back from. My dog ​​bit my finger the other day when I was trying to give her a bath and I still had a scar. I couldn’t imagine what some of these NHL athletes like Brett Howden, Jack Hughes or Clayton Keller are going through.

Injury rehabilitation into game form has become an important part of professional sports. Fortunately, medical advances have allowed us to treat players properly and get them back on the field faster than previous treatment methods.

The Vegas Golden Knights know this better than any other team as they come close to the 500 man games they have lost through injury. No player on the Golden Knights roster has played all of the team’s 77 games. 40 players were used by the team and nine made their NHL debuts. Not perfect.

Arguably the most injury-prone Golden Knights are the two top wingers on the team at Mark Stone and Max Priority. Together, the two missed 88 games with the Stone losing 45 and Pacioretty losing 43. This has been a major factor in the Golden Knights’ success this season.

Glorious return

Both players recently returned to the squad at just the right time. The Golden Knights cling to a thread in the Western Conference playoff picture, and both Stone and Passionate managed their last set of matches after missing a crucial time due to injuries.

But they were not themselves. At a time when the Golden Knights were in dire need of their players’ performance, Stone and Pacioretty weren’t there. In five matches, Pasurietti scored a goal and an assist while Stone is still searching for his first point in four matches.

It’s understandable to see players struggling to get their legs back under them from injury. But since it was a tough time for the Golden Knights, they simply needed more Stone and Pacioretty. They both look back a step, breathe on passes, missed shots, and think things through.

The Golden Knight’s attack in general struggled. They’ve made important NHL goalkeepers like Mike Smith and Andrew Hammond look like the Visina Cup candidates in the past two games as they went 99:18 without a goal. powerplay has also been running 1/28 since March 25th. Stone and Pacioretty didn’t help.

Victims Cap

Another factor that has cost the Golden Knights with Stone and Pacioretty back in the lineup and not contributing is the laundry list of players on the LTIR who sit at their expense. With Evgenii Dadonov’s trade deadline deal cancelled, the Golden Knights had to put Reilly Smith, Nicolas Hague, Brett Howden, William Carrier, Nolan Patrick and Laurent Brossoit all on the LTIR to activate the Stone.

While some of these players have been injured for an extended period of time, Peter DeBoerre recently came out and said he expects Smith to be ready for the playoffs if the Golden Knights make it through. Looking at this, we can conclude that Smith is probably ready now, but simply cannot play for reasons of max.

So basically what Stone and Pacioretty did with their $16.5 million shared cover space was inadvertently prevent some of their teammates from getting back into the lineup. Not only that but they failed to contribute in their absence.

Not a good look from your two senior leaders.

Injury analysis

I’m not trying to underestimate the severity of the injuries both players have had because I’m sure they’ve caused a lot of discomfort. Stone in particular has dealt with this back injury all season. Passuretti has injured several areas of his body throughout the season.

From the looks of it, both Stone and Pacioretty aren’t playing at 100% which worries me in one sense that they might end up re-injuring themselves trying to play 110% with the playoffs on the line.

I understand the risks that management, DeBoer and the technical staff are willing to take to participate in the playoffs. But what happens if the first round comes up and the Golden Knights face the Colorado Avalanche without Stone or Passionate?

Looking at things, I find it poetic that the second game of the season just told the whole story of the season for the Golden Knights. In that match, he defeated the Los Angeles Kings, who currently beat VGK in a playoff match, 6-2. Not only that, but both Stone and Passeurity left the match due to injuries. Stone went on to miss 12 games and Passuretti 17.

In business, we call this the alarm.

tough spot

So, with only five games a season and their team left off the field, all eyes will be on Stone and Pacioretty to quickly return to the players we all know they can do so that the Golden Knights can try to save them. Hopes. It’s tough to ask of your players, but if there are any players on the Golden Knights roster who know how to keep these injuries at bay.

The Golden Knights play the Washington Capitals on Wednesday at 7:00 pm. They are four points behind the Dallas Stars and the Nashville Predator for a Wild Card spot and three behind the Los Angeles Kings for third in the Pacific Division.

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