Terry Roosier continues to set the tone with elite game play and competitiveness

After an unusual start to the season, guard Terry Roosier started to heat up as expected as the Charlotte Hornets’ schedule progressed, cementing his reputation as one of the NBA’s best 3-point shooters and all-around competitors.

The now seven-year veteran finished his third Buzz City campaign with an average of 19.3 points for 44.4% hits – the second-best mark of his career – 4.3 rebounds and best assists (4.5), steals (1.3) and two points percentage (51.6%) from 73 appearances . He reached a career high of 222 three-pointers set last year (in only four other appearances), the fifth-highest total in franchise history and twelfth overall in the NBA this season.

“Lots of good memories,” Rozier said during exit interviews. “Fun season, great locker room, great group of guys. Just thinking about all the good. Obviously it didn’t end like we wanted. We should have been a better seed, but East is better. So, know we have to keep getting better.” This is a new time where people grow. When I think of the season, I only think of the good things and the good memories and none of the bad things that come with it.”

Rosier missed five of the team’s first six games to start the year thanks to a pair of ankle sprains, then put in 15.4 points in 39% shots and 26% from depth in 12 games from October 31 to November 20. The point in Washington on November 22 that featured the season’s highest-grossing eight three-pointers got things going in the right direction and Rozier never looked back.

Other noteworthy stats for Rozier this season have included a nine-game high of 30 tie-breakers, his second career Triple Threat career on February 11 in Detroit and a high 3.40 assist-to-turn ratio. She ranked 10th in the NBA among players who have played at least 65 games. He’s also climbed to the 3-point field goal leaderboard in the franchise, where he currently sits fourth with 616.

Although he has exceeded expectations since arriving from Boston nearly three years ago, Rosier is unwavering in his desire to bring the Hornets back to the playoffs. Having appeared in 50 post-season games in his career, he was adamant on the impact this particular environment could have on the team’s younger core.

“I wanted to be in the playoffs and have guys like Miles Bridges or Lamelo in a series for the first time,” Rozier said. “I really wanted it for my younger siblings and for a lot of the other guys in the locker room to try it out for the first time. Get that hunger to know just because [what it’s like]Put that foot in the door. We’ll test it, they’ll try it, but I wanted it for them more than anything.”

The second straight loss in the NBA Play-In Game certainly marked another bitter end to an all-out fan season for the Hornets. Many players will likely use it as motivation to move forward again, but Rosier says an outcome like this one way or the other doesn’t affect his off-season mentality.

“I have fuel no matter what time it is because this is the time to get better,” he said. “This is the time when I can think and take time for myself. I don’t really worry about one game and have to send myself a message. I’m excited regardless. I love summer. It’s always hard at first because I’m a player and I want to play. I hardly watch. [playoff] Basketball because I don’t want to see that if I don’t play. Over time, things get better.”

A consistent, high-profile product for the past three years, Rozier embodies the heart and soul of this Hornets team. Competition is fierce and the ideal worker, the future is bright for the organization with leaders like Terry Roser at its helm.

“We will continue to grow,” he said. “I need to make sure I come back as a better leader. There’s been a lot of ups and downs this season, but everyone goes through ups and downs. I don’t really dwell on the past. We’ll be together this summer and we’ll find out. As soon as that time comes in October, we’ll be ready to wear again.” other”.

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