The Vegas Golden Knights need more from William Carlson

The Vegas Golden Knights are struggling to find a consistent offensive this season. Only when they seem to have a player getting overheated does that player either fall or get injured. Example A is Max Passuretti, who fell over from the first season of Boba Fett’s book.

The Golden Knights have scored only ten goals in their last six matches. For the first time in franchise history, they were eliminated in back-to-back games against the Colorado Avalanche and Calgary Flames.

The player who has had a lackluster 2021-22 season overall so far is William Carlson. After his impressive season scoring 43 goals in the Golden Knight’s first year in the NHL Karlsson, the number of goals decreased only each year. This season he has 7 goals, 11 assists and 18 points in 38 games he played.

Granted, in early November through December, Carlson missed six weeks with a broken foot (X-Wing accident). He’s now on track for 38 points in his 67 game season. That would be a drop in points for Carlson since he joined the Golden Knights.

shrunken role

Carlson’s role has diminished over the years with the Golden Knights bringing in men such as Jack Eichel, Max Pasuritti and Mark Stone. But Carlson is still an important part of the Golden Knights offensive.

Of course, as his role with the Golden Knights changed, his time on the ice and his overall chances of scoring changed too. But Carlson is still the fourth highest-paid player in the Golden Knights offense with $5.9 million.

It’s no good for me dead.

Carlson experienced droughts this season that were drier than the sands of Tatooine. Currently, Carlson has only one point in his last six matches and has one goal in his last 12 matches.

Even with his reduced role as a second-line center back, that simply isn’t enough given his max hit of $5.9 million.

That’s not to say he didn’t get his chances on the Misfit streak alongside Jonathan Marquesault and Riley Smith. But in terms of placing the disc in the back of the grille, Smith and Marquessault are taking on the workload of the line.

We’ve even seen Chandler Stevenson emerge as arguably a better center this season.

Comparisons across the league

Now I want to look at some of the names across the NHL who I think are all players similar to Carlson with their roles on their teams. In the Pacific Division, Philip Danault is having a solid first season with the Los Angeles Kings. He has 15 goals and 15 assists in 51 games and has $5.5 million.

Similar to Karlsson, Yanni Gourde is the supposed first line center for the expansion team, this time with the Seattle Kraken. At $5.1 million, Gord scored 11 goals, 18 assists, and 29 points in 46 games he played.

Other bands like the Boston Bruins have a similar situation as how Charlie Coyle plays second fiddle to Patrice Bergeron, Brad Marchand and David Pasternak. Cowell this season has 12 goals, 13 assists, 25 points in 52 games he’s played and has a $5.25 million cap.

sudden center depth

With Eichel and the emergence of Brett Howden, the Golden Knights, for the first time in their franchise history, have a central depth. Stephenson, Nicholas Roy and Nolan Patrick have all been transferred to the winger in various parts this season.

Patrick, Matthias Janmark, Dean Garin, Max Pasurietti, and Mark Stone all made it to the Golden Knights. That’s five wings missing from the Golden Knights lineup so moving players like Roy and Stephenson to the winger was essential.

Carlson is not officially listed as a centerpiece in his eight-year career in the NHL. But if his current scoring ways continue, coach Peter DeBoyer may separate the Misfit streak once again.

The Golden Knights will return on Tuesday at home against the San Jose Sharks. Carlson has a history of scoring big against the Sharks. Perhaps he returns to his Han Solo shooting accuracy methods rather than continuing to miss shots like a Stormtrooper.

Hopefully, Carlson’s first season with the Golden Knights won’t earn the reputation of the original Star Wars Triology, as it will be a masterpiece that can never be replicated, despite Disney’s best efforts (I mean Carlson).

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