Tua Tagovailoa gets carrots with a stick this time

Have you heard the story of carrot and stick? Tua Tagovailoa will have the carrots this time around.

Those proverbial carrots come in the form of an improvement over the offense just now. Terek Hill, Alec Ingold, Sonny Michel, Raheem Mostert, Cedric Wilson Jr., Tyrone Armstead, among others were brought in to provide assistance.

Back when the head coach was Brian Flores, it was speculation he wanted quarterback DeShaun Watson, at the time, she was just the wand, and that was the threat to bring in another midfielder.

Let me delve into my bag of guesses, and try to guess why. Brian Flores, during his three seasons as coach of the Miami Dolphins, seemed to lean toward defense. This is his background as a defensive coach.

If I could risk painting Flores in a good light, and perhaps receive some bounce from the fan gauge towards him, his first season came after a complete demolition. If you remember the leading contestant that season was quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Season one Josh Rosen was raw and it didn’t work out, but somehow Fitzpatrick could still be there, because he was a seasoned veteran, with many years under his belt.

In the second season, Flores made an attempt to improve the attack by bringing in linebackers Jordan Howard and Matt Breda, but it was Miles Gaskin of the seventh-round pick who put things off and is now fighting to survive in the very crowded running room. .

Also during the second season, Tua Tagovailoa was on board, waiting in the wings, Flores had a tightrope walking, do you start the apprentice by throwing him into the fire, or let him sit and learn? This has always been a divisive decision, because there are two camps and they are both stubborn.

I can see the positives on both sides, kind of sitting on the fence, but when it comes to figuring out if you really have an elite midfielder, you’ll probably have to dump him in there just to see if he can do that with a little help.

Season 3 showed more failed attempts to improve the attack, and another failed comeback was brought in by Philip Lindsay. And there was Will Fuller’s fiasco, playing the wide receiver in all two games.

It’s a good thing this time, there are islands for Tua Tagovailoa, which the front office has shown by standing behind this quarterback, mentioning it in press meetings, backing up those words with action. They built an attack around it, but the wand still remained, and that’s Tom Brady’s rumor to the Miami Dolphins.

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