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The National Hockey League, or NHL, is one of the most popular hockey leagues, especially in Canada and the United States. The problem is that hockey fans can’t just stream NHL games from anywhere—regardless of whether you want to watch the draft or not. Stanley Cup playoffs or just plain old hockey.

The main takeaway:

  • You can stream NHL games by using a VPN to connect to the streaming platforms where the NHL network is available, and you can also use a VPN to avoid power outages that restrict you from watching certain games.
  • ExpressVPN is the best VPN for streaming NHL games, thanks to its combination of excellent speeds, great hardware compatibility, and the presence of several servers in the US and Canada.
  • NordVPN and CyberGhost are both powerful and slightly more affordable alternatives to ExpressVPN.
  • If you want a completely free VPN, we recommend Windscribe.

The main obstacle to NHL streaming is regional or local power outages, and they are mandated by the NHL for the sole purpose of protecting a particular team’s regional sports channels. So, if there’s a hockey game between the New York Islanders and the Boston Bruins, you won’t be able to watch it on the NHL network if you’re in New York or Boston — it’ll only be available on regional cable and satellite.

There is a solution though. The answer to streaming Stanley Cup (or other NHL games) is to use a VPN, or a Virtual Private Network. A VPN is a tool that can make it seem like you’re in a different location, allowing you to bypass blackouts. We’ll show you how to start watching NHL games with a VPN (it’s super easy) and recommend the best game for you, so read on and keep reading.

  • Unfortunately, the NHL network is not available on Amazon Prime.
  • Yes, you can stream hockey matches and you can live stream NHL games in general by using a VPN to connect to streaming platforms that offer the NHL network as part of their channel list.
  • Yes, the NHL network is available on multiple streaming platforms, such as fuboTV, Sling TV, AT&T TV, Hulu + Live TV, and YouTube TV.

How to stream NHL games online without cable

If you’re not in the US or Canada, there are a couple of ways to watch a game of hockey online, but they all involve using a streaming platform to access NHL channels like NBC or the NHL Network. NHL fans can also choose Regional Sports Networks (RSN) on Bally Sports (formerly Fox Sports Network) or NBC Sports, but again, these networks are region restricted as well.

The thing to note is that these streaming platforms are not available worldwide, which is why you’ll need the VPN to change your location to the US (you can skip to the VPN section here). Additionally, if you are in a blackout area, you will have to choose a different location within the US to be able to stream local games without cable. Below is a short list of these services.

  1. fuboTV $64.99 per month with a free seven-day trial for the starter package, plus $29.97 per quarter for the Sports Lite package (required for the NHL network).
    Available channels: NBCAnd NBC Sports NetworkAnd NHL NetworkAnd NBC And Fox Sports Regional Networks
  2. sling tv $35 per month, with a free plan available; There is no free trial.
    Available channels: NBCAnd NBC Sports NetworkAnd NHL NetworkAnd NBC And Fox RSNs
  3. AT&T TV – $69.99 per month for the Entertainment package, or $94.99 per month for the Ultimate package (required for NHL); There is no free trial.
    Available channels: NBCAnd NBC Sports NetworkAnd NHL NetworkAnd NBC And Fox RSNs
  4. Hulu + Live TV $64.99 per month with a seven-day free trial.
    Available channels: NBCAnd NBC Sports NetworkAnd NBC RSNs
  5. YouTube TV – $64.99 per month with $10 off the first 3 months; Seven-day free trial.
    Available channels: NBCAnd NBC Sports NetworkAnd NBC RSNs

How to watch the NHL playoffs: for free

If you don’t want to spend any money and still watch hockey online without cable, the way to go is to use the free trial of the streaming platforms we mentioned. You’ll usually need a cable subscription, but these services let you bypass that and enjoy NHL without cable. You’ll still need a VPN to bypass power outages, but many offer free versions and money-back guarantees.

One option we can’t really recommend is to use one of these free streaming sites. Most if not all are very superficial and you can never tell what happened in the background. We suggest you avoid them if possible.

How to stream NHL games and draft with a VPN

If you want to stream the NHL live with a VPN, here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it. We’ll use ExpressVPN as an example, but no matter which VPN you choose, make sure there are multiple locations in the US and Canada to watch games out of the market.

  1. Download and install VPN
    You can head over to the ExpressVPN website and click on “Get ExpressVPN”. This will take you to the registration page where you create an account and then you can download the VPN. It’s available for a variety of devices, so be sure to choose the right platform. Once downloaded, use the installation wizard to install ExpressVPN. The setup wizard should be easy to follow.
    Expressvpn us IP addresses
  2. Connect to a server in Canada or the United States
    As mentioned, local blackouts are a thing in the NHL, and if it affects the game you want to watch, you have to connect to a different server. When you start ExpressVPN, Click the site picker button – It’s a button with three dots on the right. Search and click on the site You want to connect, preferably one that does not have a blurring of the game you want to watch.
    Expressvpn servers for us
  3. Connect to the streaming service of your choice
    When you connect to a VPN server location, you can Start streaming service You choose to access the NHL network or a regional sports network. Remember, you can use a free trial or free plan to watch NHL at no cost. That’s it, you should now be able to enjoy the game!
    sling nhl

Best VPN for Watching NHL Games

A proper VPN that will allow you to start streaming NHL games will have plenty of servers all over the US and Canada, and you won’t have any issues with streaming platforms. We’ve got some suggestions for you, and we’ll even throw in a free VPN (Windscribe) at the end if you don’t want to spend any money at all.

  1. ExpressVPN – The fastest VPN available with great hardware compatibility; 30 day money back guarantee.
  2. NordVPN – Simple user interface with lots of servers in the US and Canada; 30 day money back guarantee.
  3. CyberGhost – a very affordable option; 45-day money-back guarantee on longer plans.

1. ExpressVPN

Expressvpn bind our IP address
ExpressVPN’s user interface is very simple and shows you exactly which city you’re connected to – handy when you’re trying to avoid a power outage.

More details about ExpressVPN:

With servers in various locations across Canada and the United States, ExpressVPN is the perfect choice for streaming NHL games. It is the fastest VPN out there, it is secure and works impressively with different streaming platforms and services. Add to this excellent device compatibility and a simple user interface, and it’s easy to see why it has taken the lead. You can learn more about it in our ExpressVPN review.

The price isn’t cheap, at $6.67 per month on the annual plan, although you get three months free, too. When you think about everything you get, and add to it a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can see why it’s our number one VPN suggestion.

ExpressVPN Plans

2. NordVPN

northvpn north america map

NordVPN Map Overview gives you a visual representation of where you’re connected.

More details about NordVPN:

  • Pricing: $3.71 per month on a 2-year plan
  • Provider website:

NordVPN has a surprisingly simple user interface with a map overview showing exactly where to connect. This makes it easy to avoid power outages during NHL games by connecting to a remote location, so you can enjoy your game. With plenty of servers located across the US and Canada, it’s a solid alternative to our top pick, and you can learn more about it in our NordVPN review.

When it comes to pricing, a two-year subscription costs $3.71 a month, with a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you get cold feet.

NordVPN logo


3. CyberGhost

cyberghost flowing user interface

CyberGhost has a completely separate section with streaming-oriented servers that you can choose from.

More details about CyberGhost:

CyberGhost is the cheapest VPN for sports on our list. When you consider that it has three server locations in Canada and eleven in the US, it’s great to avoid annoying blackouts when you want to enjoy the NHL. It has some issues with some streaming services, as you can see in our CyberGhost review, which is why it ranks third on our list.

Price-wise, CyberGhost is incredibly affordable at just $2.25 per month, but you’ll need to commit to a three-year subscription to get that price. It also has a 45-day money-back guarantee on the longer plans (14 days on the monthly plan).

CyberGhost logo

CyberGhost plans

Best Free NHL.TV VPN


Wind logging server selection

Windscribe’s server list makes it easy to see which servers are available and not available as part of the free plan.

More details about Windscribe:

Windscribe is a free VPN with servers that you can use to access multiple locations across the US and Canada. The free plan has a data cap of 10GB, which can be an issue with streaming NHL games.

The thing to note is that Windscribe is one of the few free VPNs we recommend (along with TunnelBear, ProtonVPN, and because most free VPNs are known to cause problems, to say the least, so they should be avoided at all costs.

Windscribe has a free plan, but if you want to remove the data limit, you can choose the paid plan. If you only use it to stream live hockey games, your build plan is a great solution. Check out our full Windscribe review here.

Windscribe logo
build a plan

  • : According to the “Pro” server site
  • : 10 GB
  • : Unlimited
  • :

Professional Plan

  • : Unlimited number of gigabytes
  • : Unlimited
  • :

Final Thoughts: Broadcasting NHL Matches

When all is said and done, you can enjoy streaming NHL games fairly easily if you use a VPN. The question is, do you pay a little more and get ExpressVPN’s excellent speeds and device compatibility, or do you save some money and go for NordVPN or CyberGhost?

Or maybe you just don’t want to spend anything and Windscribe your choice? Let us know in the comments, and thanks for reading!

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