Video of Ines Kanter trying his hardest (and failing) to hit a baseball

  • Enes Kanter is the featured guest on Whistle’s latest episode of ‘Days Off’
  • Here he tries to hit a baseball giving a lot of confidence to the average Joe, and he discusses what his basketball days are like
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Can NBA players hit a baseball? It’s a simple question. And I would assume the answer was a resounding “yes” because most young children in the United States can play baseball. But in this video above, Boston Celtics’ Enes Kanter struggles trying to hit the ball in ways I never imagined. He also discusses why he “knew he was going to be in the top 10” in the NBA draft which is great to hear.

Enes Kanter is the latest featured guest in Whistle’s ‘Days Off’ series that features athletes and entertainers on their days off the grind. Entering his thirteenth year in the NBA, Enes Kanter is working as hard (if not harder) as anyone in the game. He sure deserves a day off every now and then and it’s interesting to see how he spends his free time.

The video portion with Enes Kanter comes early in the video, about a minute, but you’ll thank yourself for watching the full clip. Enes talks about his family having to sever ties and disavow him or risk arrest in his native Turkey.

Anis also discusses how he got a long-standing Interpol arrest warrant from Turkey, all because he sent a tweet that didn’t like Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Turkish government. Check out Whistle’s “DAYS OFF” episode:

It’s hard to look at and detail Kanter’s career gains. He earned $106.2 million over thirteen seasons in the NBA. This included $12.4 million for three seasons with the Pacers, $41.9 million for four seasons with the Thunder, $39.1 million for two seasons with the Knicks, $5.6 million with the Portlanders, and $7.1 million with the Celtics.

When you hear him talk about his life, about the struggles of not seeing his family, and being totally dedicated to the basketball game, but misses movie theaters dearly, it doesn’t sound like a guy who made over $106 million playing basketball. He could walk into pretty much any restaurant and always be the richest person out there but he comes across as a really humble guy.

If you enjoyed Whistle’s “DAYS OFF”, it is very likely that you will also enjoy their “NO DAYS OFF” series. You can click “Subscribe” on Whistle’s YouTube channel and you can check out this article from yesterday about a 12-year-old named Enmanuel Beltre who is already one of the best potential players in baseball.


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