Winning the first series of 7 games

What happened on May 1 in the history of the New York Rangers

It took a long time, but the New York Rangers finally won seven games in the Stanley Cup Series, defeating the Devils 8-4 at Madison Square Garden in the 1992 Patrick’s League semi-finals. Not only was it their first Game Seven win in just five attempts. Rather, it was the first Game Seven ever to be played in a Garden.

The streak has been teetering between the two teams with Rangers winning matches in every other game starting with Game One. This match was not in doubt as Rangers jumped to a 6-1 lead midway through the second half. The Devils scored three goals to make the match 6-4, but Rangers added a powerful goal from Darren Turcotte and a blank goal from Marc Messier to seal the victory. Chris Terrier against John VanBisbroek was in goal as the rivalry between Martin Browdor and Mike Richter had yet to begin.

The reason it was the park’s first seventh game was that in previous years, even with a better record, the circus had taken over the park and the Rangers had to play on the road.

The Rangers lost to the Bruins in 1939 in the first seven-game Finals series in National Hockey League history. They lost in the 1950 final when they had to play their last four games in Detroit. They dropped two of their seven-game series in the 1970s, to Chicago in 1971 and Philadelphia in 1974.

Calder Jump Cup

In 1953 on this date, the NHL awarded the Calder Trophy as Best Rookie for Rangers netminder Gump Worsley. He did it even though the Rangers were pretty terrible, finishing last with a record 17-37-16.

The 23-year-old Worsley’s record was 13-29-8 with goals for a 3.02 average and two closings. He was the fifth goalkeeper to win the Calder Cup and the only goalkeeper to receive this honor. He was the sixth goalkeeper to be recognized as the best junior player.

He finished first in Calder by voting ahead of Jordan Hannigan, a spot with the Toronto Maple Leafs scoring 17 goals and 35 points. Toronto defender Leo Boivin finished third. Worsley and Boivin are both members of the Hockey Hall of Fame.

birthdays today

27 NHL players were born on May Day with two of them former Rangers.

Bat Conature He was born on this date in 1959 in Edmonton, Alberta. As a left winger, he was selected by Rangers in the fourth round of the 1979 NHL Entry Draft competition. Contrary to popular belief, he has nothing to do with NHL greats Lionel, Roy or Charlie Kuncher. His career was affected by an ankle fracture which sidelined him throughout the 1980-81 season. He played 22 games in New York before signing with Edmonton as a free agent in 1983. He is best known as the first player to fit in with all three metropolitan area teams as he also played for the Islanders and Devils.

Jim Lorentz He was a striker born on this date in 1947 in Waterloo, Ontario. After winning the Stanley Cup with the Bruins in 1970, he was a goalkeeper for five games in 1971-72 before being traded to the Buffalo where he was a staunch supporter of the Sabers for seven years.


Rangers did not play a regular game of the season on May 1 until 2021. This was a 3-0 loss to the Islanders, when the Isles snatched a place in the playoff. In the playoffs, they were a hit, winning five out of six.

Play-offs: 6
Wins: 5
Losses: 1
Winning percentage: 83%

Regular season matches: 1
Regulation wins: 0
Regulation losses: 1
Points Percentage: .000

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