2022 MLB Mock Draft 2.0.0 Update

26. Chicago White Sox – LHP Cooper Hjerpe, Oregon

Height: 6-3 | Weight: 200 lbs. | BT: LL | Age: 21 | Category: beginner

Scout report: Hjerpe won’t blow the radar gun, despite hitting 95 at times, but his bluff makes the fastball one of the toughest hits among college shooters. Hjerpe’s last performance saw the draft boards shot at. Its changeover works well with Fastball, along with a mid-’80s slider that might be its best showing.

Choose an explanation: Hjerpe makes a lot of sense for the White Sox. First, he could be in the major leagues soon, which immediately affects the talent roster. Second, Hjerpe has all the attributes to be a starting player, which is very valuable for a team in Chicago’s setting. If you prefer teams with the best player overall, Hjerpe might as well, with a chance of him being the best college team in the class.

27. Milwaukee Brewers – LHP Noah Schultz, Oswego East (IL)

Height: 6-9 | Weight: 225 lbs. | BT: LL | Age: 18 | Commitment: Vanderbilt

Scout report: Although he’s 6’9″, Noah Schultz brought it up from a low three-quarter opening with a great deal of bluff. The Vanderbilt Commitment creates an uncomfortable hitter with a ’90s fast lowball and deep, sweeping slide. Both pitches have high turnover rates, along with a vertical changeover. Schultz knows how to strike without fears of control or leadership.

Choose an explanation: The Brewers are quietly becoming one of the best shooters development systems in baseball and Schultz could be the second best arm. Schultz is one of the most interesting profiles in this category, whose massive upward side has been discovered.

28. Houston Astros – from Dylan Pevers, California

Height: 6-4 | Weight: 206 lbs. | BT: LR | Age: 20 | Class: Beginner

Scout report: Despite concerns about his production versus high-end talent, the Beavers came out racing this spring at Cal. The junior defense player has already amassed 15 home blocks, but many would like to see his average batting height, which is currently sitting around 0.280. His advanced approach is shown at 0.425 on a percentage basis and strike rate optimization. Many evaluators believe he will be an above-average defender in a corner.

Choose an explanation: Historically, the Astros have had huge success when drafting college hitters. Alex Bergman and George Springer come to mind. Beavers would be a good fit in Houston, giving the bats in this farm system a much-needed boost.

29. Tampa Bay Rays – LHP Carson Whisenhunt, East Carolina

Height: 6-3 | Weight: 205 lbs. | BT: LL | Age: 21 | Category: beginner

Scout report: It looked like Whisenhunt was on the verge of being one of the best college arms of the class before he tested positive for doping, effectively ending his season. Despite his troubles off the field, Whisenhunt will try to improve his inventory by playing in the Cape Cod League this summer. Speed ​​football in the mid-’90s was honored with an above-average change and good curve ball. Whisenhunt is a very safe option for teams and has some room to fill.

Choose an explanation: Other than Conor Hegerb of Oregon, Whisenhunt could have the most eye-catching data among college shooters in the draft. Of course, this would be very attractive to the Rays, who are known for their development and acquisition of high-spin pitchers.

30. San Francisco Giants – SS Zack Netto, Campbell

Height: 6-0 | Weight: 185 lbs. | BT: RR | Age: 21 | Category: Student Redshirt

Scout report: Zach Netto might be the craziest hitter out there this year. Through 78 career games, Neto hit .389/.487/.712 with 18 home runs and only 43 on knockout. He runs well and has a strong arm, which increases his chances of survival in the short term. Although not seen as a big prospect on the hill, Neto scored 26 runs as a pitcher for Fighting Camels. If the team believes in its own success tool, watch someone take Neto relatively early.

Choose an explanation: San Francisco is a pretty heavy college team when it comes to crafting, so Neto’s profile makes a lot of sense. All this guy does is hit, and despite Campbell’s lack of talented opponents, Neto has shown he can handle a good shot.

Compensation options

31 Colorado Rockies 3B Tucker Thoman Hammond

Height: 5-11 | Weight: 183 lbs. | BT: SR | Age: 18 | Commitment: Louisiana

Scout report: The number one offensive corner player, Toman impressed the evaluators with his unparalleled talent in past events. His incredible speed and great bat give teams plenty to work with, although her swings and misses are cause for some concern. With a mid-to-high arm, Toman will likely end up at third base. It is a candidate for campus access.

Choose an explanation: In recent memory, the Rockies targeted prep hitters in the first round. While other outlets make it a Day Two pick, the team will fall in love with Tuman’s profile. A switch-stroke power racket, Toman is mentioned many times by LSU’s Jacob Berry (mocked Colorado at 10).

32. Cincinnati Reds – LHP Hunter Barco, Florida

Height: 6-4 | Weight: 210 lbs. | BT: LL | Age: 21 | Category: beginner

Scout report: In the Skinny Measure class, it appears to be a left-handed college year and Barco might be the best of the bunch. Before delving into Tommy John’s surgery, Barco was widely considered in the middle of the first round. The southpaw has a 90’s low speed ball game and a twist and slide that many believe is its best playground. Perhaps Barco’s most impressive trait is his determined drive and ability to deliver high-quality hits.

Choose an explanation: Cincinnati tends to follow Barco’s profile, so this seems like a perfect fit. Barco mentions several potential Reds player Nick Ludlow due to the combination of pitch and construction. Left-handed kidneys are usually a very safe option, as redheads are constantly targeting them.

Competitive Balance Round A

33. Baltimore Orioles – OF Cayden Wallace, Arkansas

Height: 6-1 | Weight: 205 lbs. | BT: RR | Age: 20 | Category: beginner

Scout report: After the 2021 season where Wallace crushed 14 Homers, he performed well in the Cape Cod League, owning 0.279/.369/.500 slashes. Despite some ups and downs, Wallace has a legitimate potential in the power and has done quite well this season. Even though he’s played all the outside and third base positions for Arkansas, Wallace will likely land a corner as a pro.

Choose an explanation: Baltimore doesn’t usually draft players early on, so another low-stakes racket might be a choice here. The Orioles have haunted guys like Wallace in the past, especially recently. Another route they could take is one arm of the kidney that has always been injured.

34. Arizona Diamondbacks – RHP JR Ritchie, Bainbridge (WA)

Height: 6-1 | Weight: 183 lbs. | BT: RR | Age: 18 | Commitment: University of California

Scout report: Ritchie’s repertoire and profile could lead to some teams seizing him in the late first round. With a fast ball mid-’90s and a good slider, Richie excels at throwing hits, making him the best prep arm in this draft. He also made a change, which could evolve into an above average show.

Choose an explanation: The Diamondbacks seem to target a lot of high school talent early in the drafts, but when it comes to shooters, they seem to prefer the college guys. Other than Blake Walston, most of their prospects are college arms, but that could change with Ritchie. An advanced pitcher, someone like Arizona could scoop at this range.

35. Kansas City Royals – RHB Peyton Palette, Arkansas

Height: 6-1 | Weight: 180 lbs. | BT: RR | Age: 20 | Class: Beginner

Scout report: As the season approached, many thought Palette could be the first pitcher to come off the plate. He requested Tommy John’s surgery, as his other kidney arm was closed. When on the pile, Pallette is dominant, displaying impressive spin rates and speed. His Fastball sits consistently in the high 90s and the curve ball averages over 3000 rpm. Pallette also throws in a nice change, paving the way for a start in the future.

Choose an explanation: Kansas City is the team that takes college bids most often in the drafts. Brady Singer, Jackson Cowar, and Chris Bobick come to mind. Of that group, Pallette might be the best, and it makes sense to the royals.

36. Pittsburgh Pirates – LHP Connor Prielipp, Alabama

Height: 6-2 | Weight: 205 lbs. | BT: LL | Age: 21 | Class: Beginner

Scout report: Prilep is another top college player to spend 2022 injured. The Little South rarely allows walks and hits a lot of hitters. Prilep’s sweeping slider is his best pitch, but a fastball can hit the mid-90s and be used as a weapon. He also throws change.

Choose an explanation: Pirates don’t usually do this, but they can opt for a collector’s pitcher. With a great farm system and some room for error, one of the risky, infected arms of a college can be alluring.

37. Cleveland Guardians – RHP Gabriel Hughes, Gonzaga

Height: 6-4 | Weight: 220 lbs. | BT: RR | Age: 20 | Class: Beginner

Scout report: Hughes, an early riser in this category, has an electric fast ball and a good curve ball that should produce next-level whiffs. Its width mix has been rounded off with average change, but some believe there is room for development. Hughes is quite plump, she is physically imposing at 6’4″, 220 lbs. His control needs to be improved.

Choose an explanation: Cleveland has a history of crafting Northwest talent, particularly at Gonzaga, Eli Morgan’s alma mater school. While Morgan and Hughes are very different, the development of Guardians scripts has a lot to work with here.

38. Colorado Rockies – RHP Kumar Rucker, No School

Height: 6-5 | Weight: 245 lbs. | BT: RR | Age: 21 | Category: Graduate

Scout report: One of the most polarizing prospects of the past decade, Rocker was drafted 10th overall by the Mets last year but never signed. Surrounded by many questions, including some shaky medical reports received after the draft. However, there is no doubt that when the Rocker is on the hill, it is difficult to find anyone better than him. Vanderbilt’s speedball could reach the ’90s, and he complements it with one of the best skaters in the country. Boycott rock and change from middle shows.

Choose an explanation: The Rockies picked Rocker in the final rounds of high school and with three picks in the first round, they could try again. Of course, Rocker is one of the most dangerous players in this draft, but the Rockies could risk looking at their position.

39. San Diego Padres – Henry Bolt, Palo Alto (California)

Height: 6-3 | Weight: 198 lbs. | BT: RR | Age: 18 | Commitment: Texas

Scout report: Bolte owns some power and sports gear in the entire draft, which gives him a lot of height. The Texas commitment is highly anticipated and could turn into more force. His approach will need some fine-tuning, but the Bolt power/speed combo gives him superior potential. Look it up is probably one of the top picks in this draft.

Choose an explanation: The Padres, like their opponent in the band Diamondbacks, tend to target a lot of prep bats early on. Bolte gives them an interesting mix of tools, and while it might take longer to develop, San Diego usually takes these profiles.

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