Brave: Orlando Archia could prove to be another diamond in Alex Anthopoulos’ rough acquisition

Orlando Archia was at it again last night, coming out with a single at the bottom of the nine against the Giants. This was his second round of the season – the first to come by running at home in extra innings against the Red Sox – and only his third of the year for the Braves. Since Ozzy Albis broke his foot last week, Arcia has been filling in the role of second baseman to the All-Star. So far, though, it’s pretty good. Since taking over as Albies, Arcia has hit .413 with two home hits, and many of those base hits have come in some clutch moments, like last night.

There is still a possibility that the Braves will add another second base option before the trade deadline, especially if Albies takes longer than expected to return. Even general manager Alex Antopoulos said the team would be looking to add a left-handed racket, which is likely to join Arcia. However, it has also become clear that it may not be necessary. Arcia does more than enough to ensure he’s in the squad every day, so don’t expect any drastic changes.

During his tenure as Braves’ general manager, Alex Anthopoulos made a slew of daring and brilliant moves. Some have paid off and some have not. However, where Anthopolous has really thrived – and one of the main reasons I think the Braves have had so much success over the years – is the under-the-radar acquisition. There’s a laundry list of men Anthopoulos has added, many of whom most ardent baseball fans have never heard of, and who have played important roles in recent years, and sometimes the impact isn’t immediately felt.

When Arcia was acquired early last season, it was a bit of a tough decision. He was a rookie in Milwaukee but was unpopular, and the man he sent the Braves in return – Patrick Weigel – was a talented arm in his own right. Moreover, there was no place to play Arcia in Atlanta. Braves Stadium, as today, was completely full, and we all know they don’t want to take days off. Arcia has been brought in strictly for emergency use, which wasn’t necessary last season but has been very relevant with Albies now for more than two months.

As the season approached, the depth of the Braves field was the thing I was most concerned about. Arcia has put a gadget on this interest for the time being, and it’s proving to be another genius addition from Alex Anthopoulos. With the trade deadline looming, I don’t expect the Braves to make any huge moves, but there could be a few unseen acquisitions like Arcia that could turn in big profits this season or in the future.



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