Can Boston recover after the explosion?

Television: ESPN, 9 p.m. ET

BetMGM line: Celtics -3.5

The NBA Finals are all tied up as the series heads to Boston for the first time, which is as good as the Celtics had hoped for after their 2-0 lead.

Although they haven’t dropped back-to-back games after this season, things didn’t go well for the Celtics in the back half of Game Two. The Warriors erupted in the third quarter before a 19-point win closed the Celtics down. .

Wednesday’s game is by no means a must for Boston, but a failure to come back after a heavy loss to the Warriors could prove fatal and could lead to a swift end to the finals.

Can Boston recover?

Jason Tatum and Jaylen Brown were fine on Sunday night, but this was about Boston in an offensive way.

They were the first Celtics to score in double digits, and Al Horford, Robert Williams and Marcus Smart were suspended with two points apiece. Boston had 18 turns as a team, amassing just 14 points in the third quarter.

If the Celtics were to win, it wouldn’t in Game 3.

Tatum and Brown need help to win Wednesday night, and they need Horford and Smart’s versions of Game 1 to appear. Horford dropped 26 points and shot 9 of 12 off the field in that win, and Smart added 18 points with four three-pointers. The Celtics also scored 51.2% of the three-point streak in that win.

With two big men on the field at once—either Horford, Williams, Daniel Theis or Grant Williams—Golden State edged Boston by 33 points in their first two games.

Boston needs a well-rounded front to beat the Warriors, or at least face them. Without significant help from two-thirds of his starting lineup, this task is unlikely to be accomplished, even with the domestic stadiums advantage on their side.

Will the third quarter warriors appear again?

The Warriors have thrived in the third quarter so far of the series, although they still split their opening two games.

In Game 2, the Warriors broke out 35-14 in the third quarter behind 14 points and beat Jordan Bull en route to a Golden State win 107-88. After a game of only two points in the first half, this was a massive change.

Game one was similar as well, except that Boston went 17-0 in the fourth quarter to surprise the Warriors and take the win. However, Golden State outperformed the Celtics combined 73-38 in this period.

If the Warriors’ third-quarter edition comes out again Wednesday night, they’ll be in a great position to lead 2-1. If the Celtics can finally make an appearance after the first half, it will likely be a very different story.

How about Draymond Green?

There are a lot of people saying that Draymond Green should have been kicked out of Game 2 after an altercation with Jaylen Brown before the break.

Green already had one technique in hand when this incident occurred. Had he gotten a second, that would have triggered an automatic expulsion.

While there’s no turning back now, all eyes will surely be on the green come Wednesday night after a physical 2 game. If the Celtics can get under their skin with the Boston crowd on their side this time around, things could turn out very differently at TD The green garden should be in a similar situation.

And based on how the Celtics felt after the second game, they won’t hold back.

I mean, you respond to fire with fire, right? Marcus Smart, Celtics guard. “We just have to turn around and do the same. If he’s going to come here and try to be physical, this is our home and we have to protect it.”

Marcus Smart and Draymond Green participated in Game Two of the NBA Finals on Sunday. (Matthew J. Lee/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

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