Michelle Tafuya Feels ‘Ambushed’ After Doing ‘Dan Le Petard Show’

Former NBC Sports reporter Michelle Tafuya said she was “absolutely ambushed” in a recent podcast interview.

Although Tavoya did not mention the podcast, she was a guest on “The Dan Le Batard Show” last week and things surfaced between her and the hosts while discussing critical race theory and the Florida Parental Rights in Education Act, also known as “Bill.” Don’t say gay.”

“The second I got – bam. I got ambushed by saying ‘You’re against CRT.’ You’re a racist. Gutfield!” Tafuya said on his Fox News appearance.

“I was absolutely ambushed.”

Tafoya said she agreed to do the podcast in Miami because it was “someone I’ve known from the past.”

A few days before her appearance on Fox, “The Dan Le Batard Show” aired an episode in which Tafoya was a guest at Two. The conversation seemed tense and contentious at times over the different political viewpoints.

Le Batard, who left ESPN for Meadowlark Media, introduced Tafoya to the show, saying “I’ve only had friendly experiences with her, but I read recently that you’ve been on the dark side, secretly on the dark side.”

At one point, Lou Batard said “I think I’m in the middle and you think you’re in the middle and he looks at me on the far left and he looks at you on the far right? When all I look at is – man, our leadership stinks all over. Republicans seem tough to me The Democrats seem weak and none of them represent me.”

Well – then I wouldn’t say you’re on the far left. And I won’t – I don’t know who sees me on the far right. I mean, I’m a pro-choice libertarian. I don’t know how that makes me far right.

Michel Tafuya on the sidelines of NBC last season
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Michele Tafuya appears on "Dan Le Petard's Podcast"
Michele Tafuya appears in ‘Dan Le Batard’ podcast
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“All I am is a fiscal conservative who really wants America to unite and for people to be able to fulfill their potential and not be told that they are being oppressed or that they are being oppressed. That kind of boils down to it for me. I would like to see some law and order so that people don’t get hurt.”

Tafoya worked for NBC Sports, from 2011-22, as a side reporter on “Sunday Night Football”.

NBC Sports announced in January that Super Bowl 56 in February would be Tafoya’s final broadcast of her career — which includes four Emmy Awards for Outstanding Sports Personality Reporter.

At the time, Tafoya predicted the pursuit of other opportunities outside of sports.

“Some might consider me crazy to walk away from one of the most coveted roles in sports television, and I have no doubts that I will miss many aspects of the job,” she said. “But for some time, I have been thinking about other areas that I would like to explore both personally and professionally. I can’t ignore this soft voice anymore after what we have all endured over the past few years.”

Tafoya’s first job after leaving NBC was to chair Republican Kendall Qualls’ campaign for governor of Minnesota. She is currently hosting the “Sideline Sanity” podcast, where she interviews guests, including politicians and sports personalities, to discuss global topics.

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